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LeTrainiump Delivers New Energetic Hit “Go!”

LeTrainiump is a emerging neon pop artist with a vibe reminiscent to the 80s and 90s emerging out of New Orleans, Louisiana. LeTrainiump released their outgoing hit “Go!”, the multicolored record with a hint of sunshine pop proves to match the overall artistry of LeTrainiump. “Go!” gives you a fluorescent aesthetic that describes the meaning behind fun. As soon as the song begins playing you’re quickly drawn in by the approachable and digestible vintage pop vibes! Since I didn’t have the opportunity to grow up in a time period where pop and rock music felt more carefree and vibrant, I always love listening to music that can place me back in that time period like a musical time machine. “Go!” depicted an image in my head with its noteworthy synthesizers and iconic classic kick drum sound while yet sprinkling a little bit of today’s current groove into the song which makes an all around effervescent hit tune that many people will enjoy in my opinion. Not necessarily a party song, but it’s fitting for any type of event where you want to enjoy good music, dance and cherish the company around you. It’s the teenage spirit that’s shown within the song that will attract the younger generation but it’s the classic vibe that will appeal to the older generation, making LeTrainiump an enthusiastic and well diverse act to follow.

Listen to "Go!" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with LeTrainiump below!

Hey there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

What Up! I’m LeTrainiump a pop artist , singer/songwriter, & producer from New Orleans, La. I recently debuted as an emerging artist with my single “Think.” & plan to bring any listener into my neon pop filled world with my latest release “Go!”. 

How did you guys form the name “Letrainiump”?

That ones easy! I got the name from my mom who named me LeTrainiump when i was born! Growing up i always avoided that name & preferred nicknames. It was actually my former guitarist, Josef Barr, who first mentioned that I should be known by my actual name as an artist, he said he felt as if it was too original not to use. Naturally i fought against that but after years of wanting to be in the music industry & a self producing artist, I finally embraced my name and realized you can’t run from who you are!

Do you have any older musical influences or inspirations? If so who and why? 

Yes actually! My top 3 would have to be Michael Jackson, David Bowie, & Lauryn Hill. Michael Jackson’s energy is so much to me and something i aspire to have. Listening to Michael taught me how to write songs and compose pop music in ways that made you move. Listening to Bowie taught me how to craft sound to movement, also Bowie took my mind musically to a new place and really gave me a new perspective of  sound and gave me that spacey sound i fell in love with. Lastly Lauryn Hill taught me poetic communication (I can listen to her all day everyday) and how to be real. She influenced me to always be myself and let that speak through whatever song I’m writing. I try to be 100% authentic when writing lyrics and try to speak in such a way that everyone can relate. Lauryn Hill taught me that it’s ok to feel and speak about what I’m feeling. I can go one forever about how these and several others have influenced me musically, but I’m pretty sure these three sum it all up!

How is your new release different than what you've brought out in the past?

In the past I’ve tried to make my influences very subtle in my music, having bits and pieces reflect the time era or aesthetic that inspires me the most. What’s changed about that is now I’m pretty upfront with these new songs. My latest releases have really captured the aesthetic and vibe I put off and i find  them to be a very upfront description of my world as an artist.

If you could describe your artistry to any type of fruit or animal what would you describe yourself as and why?

Hahaha! I love this question and if i had to be honest, the first thing that came to mind is a flamingo or several together. One time I watched a video with several flamingos moving together in a pond. It seemed like a party, all of the birds moved together in the same direction yet they were all kind of doing “their own thing”. When i think of my artistry i tend to think of one big party that we’re all apart of yet are all individuals. It’s probably not that deep of a meaning but it looked cool! 

What’s your favorite component of making music?

One of my favorite components of making music would have to be finding different rhythms and letting each instrument speak through them! I have several different versions of every song I’ve released simply because when I’m listening back to the songs i constantly hear different rhythms & am always tempted to change them. Eventually i stick with one version & go with it. It’s like a mini adventure with every song I write.

Have you ever created any mellow or subtle music before?

Yes actually but I’ve never released any of it. I’m working on a few songs and tracks at the moment that could easily be more subtle or mellow but I guess we’ll see if those songs stay that way or change. 


Connect with LeTrainiump on social media:

Instagram - @LeTrainiump

Twitter - @LeTrainiump


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