Letters of Transit Release an Explosive EP “The Endless Search For Something New”

Letters Of Transit released the exhilarating album titled “The Endless Search For Something New” and we fell absolutely in love with every aspect of this project. This exciting EP begins with the record “Home Again” a song that smacks you in the face with electrifying instrumentation and piercing vocals. The rhythm in “Home Again” arranges you into a trail-blazing atmosphere that you’re bound to feel addicted to! The next song that transitions in after “Home Again” was “All The Time”. All The Time was highly dynamic. The song begins with a passionate vocal introduction alongside the vigorous electric guitar playing that gave me this nostalgic early 00’s punk rock aesthetic. The lyrics were riveting and you can conceive from this that Letters Of Transit takes their songwriting very seriously. My favorite aspect of “All The Time” was the transitional bridge because everything felt more emotionally conveyed and strengthened your connection you felt with the song.

The next song to transition was “Go” and this immediately began with a chaotic introduction that was headbanging and a smasher! The vocals from Letters Of Transit continues to take you onto this unforgettable journey through the EP. “Go” melodies were highly different as opposed to the records prior. The melody was so compelling it had me singing along! What was super dope about the melody in “Go” was how it fluctuated through dynamics? First, it started off soft as it slowly climaxed to a powerful vocal belt filled with rasp and grit! The closing song of the EP “Alive With Something Violent” is pure Rock n Roll Greatness! Its the epitome of what makes a superb rock record. Skillful guitar playing, transitional vocal dynamics, and anticipation through the arrangement. It’s like a roller coaster ride! You start off very steady before the big drop occurs and you’re on a wild ride! What I loved about “Alive With Something Violent” was the explosive instrumentation. Indifference from the other records, “Alive With Something Violent” showcased more of the instrumental playing and allowed us to feel each chord, drum kick, and melodic arrangement. This entire song was simply a clear representation that Letters Of Transit is the band of this new decade.

They instantly transformed us into huge fans of their music and “Alive With Something Violent” was a killer closer to an EP that has portrayed the essence of Rock and Roll music. Letters Of Transit has a future that’s bright as a lightbulb. Imagining hearing these songs live is just a stellar experience that I HAVE to undergo!

You can listen to “The Endless Search For Something New” by Letters Of Transit here

Welcome to BuzzMusic Letters Of Transit! How did the band form? How has the journey been for you so far?

the band consists of four members.  Jack - vox & guitar, JC - lead guitar, Donny - Bass, and Aaron - drums.  Back in 2016, JC and Aaron were in a cover band with another bassist and singer.  The bass player left the band to rejoin his old band, so JC decided to put a Craigslist ad out looking for a replacement.  Donny, who is a guitarist first, but took on bass out of necessity in a previous band, decided that he liked playing bass more and wanted to get into a rock band.  Donny saw the ad placed by JC and decided 'what the hell' and replied.  JC set up a meeting at a local bar for a meet and greet, and Donny has been with JC and Aaron ever since.  The singer for the cover band made the decision that he wanted to spend more time with his family and bowed out gracefully.  The three of us (JC, Aaron, and Donny) decided we should try our hand at writing originals.  By the end of 2016, we had come up with a few cool riffs, but we were missing a voice.  Enter Jack.  He, too, answered a Craigslist ad posted by none other than JC himself.  We set up a meeting at the same bar, and by the end of that day, the four of us were in JC's basement where we wrote our first ever song called Narratives Unknown.  No one outside of the band and our closest friends has ever heard the song, and the track has yet to make it on an EP.  But we will see what the future holds.  We have been together as a complete four-piece since January of 2017.  We ended up recording our first EP the week between Christmas and New Year of the same year and it was released on July 13, 2018.  The journey has been a blast.  We are doing what we love, and just being able to share with others makes it that much more amazing.

What would you consider some of your main musical inspirations and why?

We each have different bands and artists that we consider to be inspirations to our musical influences.  JC holds bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd in high regard but also considers The Deftones to be his favorite.  In addition to bands like Jimmy Eat World and Pedro the Lion, Jack is also heavily influenced by greats like Journey and Foo Fighters.  Like JC, Aaron draws inspiration from classic bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but also appreciates bands like Foo Fighters, as well.  Donny is a metalhead at heart, but when it comes to getting inspiration as a songwriter, he considers Collective Soul to be a major contributor.

What influenced most of the songs on the album “The Endless Search For Something New”?

Jack is the main lyric writer.  Once we have the song structure down, he sings a melody line to get a feel for the flow of the song.  When he writes, he takes from personal experiences as well as what is happening in current events.  The song Home Again is a song about divorce.  A huge percentage of marriages end in divorce or are on the verge of divorce.  Jack took from his experience from a previous marriage and put it into this song.  Then songs like All the Time and Alive with Something Violent speak to depression and how social media can feel that emotion.  Go! is just a fun little jam.  Not much to it.  We kick right into and then get out in just about a minute and a half.

Can you tell us why you chose this name for the EP? What does it represent and what’s the background behind it?

JC is our resident album designer.  One of his good friends is a photographer and has graciously allowed us access to his photos from his Silent Shudder Studios portfolio.  JC will do mock-up album cover ideas and sometimes he will add an album title just as an idea.  One day, he texted everyone a picture of a ship at sea during a violent storm and put the title The Endless Search for Something New.  We all loved the album title and new that was it.  Then when JC paired it with the photo, it was perfect.  When we decided to form this band, we were all searching for the perfect match.  And sometimes the search for something new can be endless.

How would you describe the creative process behind most of the songs on “The Endless Search For Something New”?

The creative process behind most, if not all of our songs, is a great experience.  We try to get together once a week.  Sometimes, JC will come with a riff he has been tooling around with for a week or so, and other times, we just start playing chords and see where it takes us.  We have a library of 100 or so ideas that we have recorded during our rehearsals.  There are some very good ideas that we hope to revisit at some point, but right now we are having fun with all the new ideas that we create almost weekly.  

What’s next for you Letters Of Transit?

We are very excited about 2020.  Our next project will expand across the full year.  We are currently working on some new material that we will be recording in the next couple of weeks with a target date of a Spring release.  We are going to be releasing a 2 to 3 song EP on each Equinox and Solstice.  Each style will be representative of the season.  At the end of 2020, early 2021, we release them all on a full-length LP.  May even press it on vinyl, so stay tuned for future details.