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Lew Houston Gets Turned Up With “I'm Ah Boss”

Lew Houston is an artist who was raised in the inner streets of Houston, Texas. He was subjected to poverty and violence at a young age and chose to play sports to cope with his reality. Influenced by southern rap styles, Lew Houston started writing his own lyrics when he wasn’t on the field or the court. Most of his peers were unaware that he was a writer until he decided to finally take his art seriously, releasing his debut album in April 2016. He’s constantly progressed since then and now he is ready for the main stage to show the world who he is and tell his story for everybody.

Lew Houston released the fun turn up song "I'm Ah Boss". The single begins with an intense introduction, punching us with his crunk hook. Lew Houston delivers his verse in a rapid tempo with a punchline at every corner of his bars. His metaphors were witty and displayed his skilled lyricism. He even included some personal life experiences in the lyrics, adding a new facet to the record. His individuality as an artist is just one of the many things we love about Lew Houston! But Lew Houston isn’t only a rapper, he’s an entertainer as well. It’s noticeable in the video released to “I'm Ah Boss” where Lew Houston star appeal is presented and shines through like an abundantly bright light. Lew Houston has all the right ingredients to make the correct flavor with his music and he serves it to his listeners with a delicious delivery we love to attain from good songs!

Listen to "I'm Ah Boss"! Read more below in our exclusive interview with Lew Houston.

Hi there! Can you tell our readers and your new fans about yourself and your music?

Hip/Hop Artist from Houston, TX. residing out of San Diego, CA. I started spittin' lyrics on the playground in elementary to impress girls and played sports throughout grade school. I didn’t start recording songs until about 4 years ago and realized music was my true passion. Once I hit the stage, the audience immediately felt my passion for music.

What’s the major theme surrounding “I'm Ah Boss”?

I’m a boss came about from my environment and others around me pursuing their dreams. I feel that a boss is anyone who doesn’t take life for granted and sets goal after goal, constantly expanding themselves in all directions of life.

What motivated you to create “I'm Ah Boss” ?

Same answer as above.

What or who are some of your musical influences and why?

Z-Ro, an underground legend from Houston is definitely a motivator for me...he gained millions of fans without a record deal. My brother is also a musical influence for me; although he wasn’t in the music industry, I watched him work hard in high school to help my mom raise me and he didn’t have much of a social life because he was focused on helping provide for us. His hard work and dedication definitely didn’t go unnoticed and that’s something I took from him and utilized in music.

What’s next for Lew Houston?

I currently have an album and an EP out. I’m focusing on singles along with videos to help further market myself... I’m currently being booked for shows throughout the country, including my next big show, Beats x Beers in L.A. for BET weekend. I also just performed in Austin at SXSW and have been invited back by some promoters I Networked with... other upcoming cities I will be performing in are San Diego, Houston, Abilene, and Miami.


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