Lew Houston Spills Genuine Bars With His Latest, "Shed So Many Tears"

San Diego based Rapper Lew Houston reveals his heartfelt rhymes on his latest hit "Shed so Many Tears" off his EP, 'Back for Me.'

Born and raised in Houston, Lew Houston took it upon himself to join the military after high school. Once realizing that he needed more to fulfill his artistic dreams, Lew returned to society and began creating.

You can hear the dedication, perseverance, and heart that he's put into his latest release "Shed so Many Tears."

Rapping overtop of a sublime downtempo hip-hop beat, Lew Houston serenades us with his meaningful bars about staying humble after seeing success, and how he continues to grow along his journey. 

"Shed so Many Tears" opens with blissful piano chords and heavenly electric guitar picking. As the beat begins to swell, we can hear deep and vibrating sub-bass that moves the song into a more substantial atmosphere.

As Lew starts rapping, his authentic vocals are endlessly listenable and melodic, making his passionate bars all the more intriguing. He explains that his journey wasn't always successful, reminding us that it was trial and error until he found an approach that works.

The supporting production maintains its steady groove, and truly reflects Lew Houston's authentic and vulnerable message. We can hear every ounce of dedication that Lew Houston poured into "Shed so Many Tears," and we're only excited to see how he continues to flourish. 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Lew Houston! We're loving every aspect of your latest hit, "Shed so Many Tears." What pushed you to create a track that highlights your journey, and reminds us that significant endeavors take lots of patience?

Throughout the past year, I've gone through many trials and tribulations and the only way know to cope with problems in life is to share them through music.

Could Lew Houston tell us more about the creation behind "Shed so Many Tears," did you produce the track? If not, who helped you lay down the beat and craft it to your liking?

I did not produce the track but, I wrote and recorded it.  I had been putting everyone else ahead of myself and then would turn around and expect people to do the same but they didn't; So I'm basically describing how I shed tears for the old me because I wasn't putting "Me" first.  In order to take care of or help others, you have to be in a good mental state and health first; then you can help others.

We've heard that you spent some time serving in the military, and returned to society to expand your music career. Have you written some music based on these experiences, and where do you usually find your inspiration?

I really don't go into any details about my military experiences because a lot of missions were confidential;  I just know that it wasn't for me anymore, so I completed my first enlistment and then, rejoined society in the civilian sector.  But, I can say, being in the military gave me more attention to detail and taught me how to make it through almost any situation.

You've performed at many notable festivals across the United States. What should we anticipate from your live shows, and how engaging would you say your performances are?

I'm the type of artist who likes to get up close and personal with my audience; meaning, I don't just stay on the stage if my mic allows me.  I prefer to get in your face so you can feel my vibes and engage in my performance.  I dance, even though I don't have any moves; I'd crowd surf if there were enough people in front; I dap people up and give high fives to give my fans that true live performance experience; and after my shows, I take the time to walk back through the crowd to not only share my social media/music links but, to also ask what the people thought of my performance and what would they like to see in my upcoming shows.

What are you doing through these tough times to stay inspired? Thank you for talking with us Lew Houston. We can't wait to hear what's next?

Since we've been basically on house arrest during this pandemic, I've had more time to really engage in self-marketing, as well as contact PR's and curators to promote my music/brand.