Lewis Santana Drops Hip-Hop Anthem “Chillin’”

Lewis Santana is a talented rapper and lyricist, he was born in South Central Los Angeles and raised in South Phoenix since the age of 2. Growing up in a household of his mother and grandmother, Lewis had an incredible support system. When he was young he pursued sports, but music was always a large part of his life. Poetry is where it all started out, it spoke to his soul and was introduced to him at a young age. Lewis Santana and his family had gone through a lot of pain and changes, so poetry was extremely therapeutic for him. He was able to segway poetry into rapping with the addition of more rhythm. Striving to create timeless music for everyone, Lewis Santana is on the way up.

Lewis’ latest track is titled “Chillin’” and there’s an anthem-like quality to the song, it’s subtle but effective, and notably memorable. Fine production lets the various intricacies and the underlying energy shine as brightly as possible. To compare “Chillin’” to the bulk of indie hip-hop releases from the past year or so, is to note that there’s a definite level of professionalism and impressive talent combined. “Chillin’” is an easy hit, genuinely well-crafted and a breath of fresh air for the alternative playlist. Adding to the natural brightness of this release is the fact that there is also far more to Lewis Santana than just music. Absolutely an artist worth supporting, especially when the music is of such a high quality.

Check out “Chillin’” here and read more with Lewis Santana below!

Hey Lewis! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What does your newest track “Chillin’” represent for you?

"Chillin" is a perfect bop for 2019!! It's live and energetic promoting positive energy making the homies jig and makes the ladies move! Inspired by West Coast roots, this is the perfect slapper for any lituation!

What was the creation process for this song?

This record got sparked up from the euphoric feelings that I experienced from traveling back to LA. I had been blessed with opportunity to go visit family, learn more about my roots and experience some of the life and love out there which put me in my zone overall. So when my homie Shade One introduced me to this beat, I was drawn to it immediately. The vibe matched my energy exactly, so that ultimately lead to creating something that makes me feel like we're celebrating life everytime we hit play on that record.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

Inspiration, Motivation, Ambition. I hope my listeners take the time to really embrace the multiple layers of depth in my music, hear my authenticity and respect the caliber of artist I am. I'm all about progression, my hunger is embedded from coming from the bottom, fighting gravity to elevate towards becoming something greater and help us all win. Ultimately I want success, peace and prosperity for us all. Hopefully you can take something away from my journey that could inspire or motivate you and your ambition to go get what you deserve from life.

If you had to pick just one of your tracks to adequately describe your sound, which track would you choose and why?

Tough question because I don't really have a genre. I love music in its totality. But if I only have the option to pick just one of my tracks, it would have to be "100 Bandz" from my latest album, "The Santana Way". From the poetry that is the lyrics and my style of delivery, to the tempo and instrumentation within this beat. This record embodies how I love to approach music.

What inspired you to write “Chillin’”?

The inspiration for "Chillin" came from being impatient really. The thought process between wanting to drop all this new music I have and also making sure everything is in order before I do so was giving me anxiety. So one night I chose to let my thoughts rest and relax. The universe spoke to me and told "just smoke something and chill out, it's all about preparation so once that's all figured out, opportunity and the time to execute will present itself." I already had a blunt rolled with a cup of something to sip on, I let that instrumental run on repeat and rolled another blunt with the mindset of "don't rush, whenever we drop this music, everyone's gonna love this shit 1000%."

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

More content, more performances, you'll see me on more features, and The Bruce Wave EP will be here by 4th Quarter 2019! #LaneLane


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