Lex is Wearing All Our Hearts on Her Sleeve

Harmonic pulses of electric pop is what Lex serves her listeners, and the city that never sleeps is the backdrop to her invigorating fresh sound. At the young age of 14, Lex was writing her own lyrics and creating her melodies, pulling from life’s book of stories as her narrative. Lex is an artist that focusses on emotionally captivating the listener; she pens lyrics the listener can appreciate and relate to; the songs originate from her heart. Lex infuses originality in her craft, not scared to bend a genre and create a fresh product- exploring the sound and harmony is one of Lex’s ever-clear strengths. Originally from Sacramento, California, this west coast transplant has burrowed into New York City to further her musical career and let the city inspire her, making it unravel and reveal original perspectives that she translates and flows into her carefully crafted lyrics and melodies. Connecting with her audience is a passion, and showcasing her sound in front of fellow New Yorkers is something Lex is very passionate about. Preforming her beautiful creations for fellow listeners is quickly garnering Lex much deserved praise and attention; this emerging artist is destined to leave her mark on the music scene.

Fall in love with "We'll Be Alright" here.

Hey Lex, welcome to BuzzMusic! We really enjoyed the soulful ride “We’ll Be Alright” took us on. Could you share where Lex found initial inspiration for writing the hopeful single?

Thank you so much for having me! I’m sure everyone is sick and tired of hearing about COVID-19, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t write it during this time. I got really sick and I was isolated in my little apartment in Queens for a while, and I felt so lonely. I could tell some of my family and friends weren’t feeling so great either. That’s when I was inspired to sit down and write this song. I knew it would take my mind off everything that was going on, and ultimately I was so consumed by it that it did. 

Your single “We’ll Be Alright” surrounds well-crafted uplifting lyrics and exhilarating production. Could you elaborate on the overall message Lex wanted her audience to take away from “We’ll Be Alright”?

My goal with this was to help others feel better. I wanted to give an uplifting message to everyone that everything was going to be okay. The reality is that even after this is all over, things are not going to bounce right back to the way they were. It’s going to feel strange. But we are going to make it through this because I believe we are all resilient. 

We’ve heard that Lex strives to create music that inspires and emotionally captivates listeners. Could you expand on your creative process, and how you channel relatable messages that can resonate with almost anyone?

When I write a song, I write how I’m feeling at the moment. It’s very cathartic actually. I really try to get to the point when it comes to my lyrics, almost as if I was saying them out loud to someone else. It helps me feel like I’m being heard and understood even if no one is there. I believe that’s what we all want: to be understood. We’ve all experienced feelings of sadness, loneliness, love, happiness, etc. and I want others to know that they are not alone. I’ve been there too. It’s completely normal to feel those feelings, no matter how crazy they might seem. 

Seeing as Lex is known to be very genre-blending, your recent single “We’ll Be Alright” surrounds more of a pop-infused feel. Could you share what we might hear from your future releases in terms of genre experimentation?

Yes, I tried to go very electro-pop with this one! I really wanted it to have a positive sound. The next song I might release has definitely more of an indie vibe to it. It’s quite a sad song actually. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Now that I’m starting to produce myself, I definitely want to keep learning new things and releasing new music as much as I can in as many different styles as I can. I love exploring new instruments and being inspired by new artists. Once this quarantine is over, I definitely want to collaborate with other artists and keep performing!