Lexie Martin Premieres The Video To Her Optimistic Dance Hit, “I Can”

Lexie Martin is the upcoming sensation that hails all the way from Long Island, New York. she just moved to Los Angeles, California in February of 2018 to follow her passion for music. She released her first EP ever produced by Nash Overstreet in January of this year. It's 5 original songs centered around self-love and empowerment with plenty of great dance tunes.

Lexie Martin premieres the video to one of the leading songs off the EP, “I Can”. this danceable hit has smooth connectable elements of R&B and PoP fused together to create an ultimate vibe for its listener. I was a big fan of the production of the beat. The way her vocals were able to just float beautifully on top of the beat was the element of true skill and vocal ability. The beat just gets you grooving and moving without even realizing it. It’s so fun, bold, and charismatic. However, what we REALLY loved was the connection between the lyricism and the visual. Lexie Martin is seen dressed in a stylistic unicorn attire with two dancers next to her. As she sings a song about owning who you are and your differences from other individuals, she is dancing with pure confidence and completely taking over the spotlight with her natural presence that is felt through the video. The main message of this? Lexie Martin wants her listener to attain the fortitude of self-love regardless of what shape, religion, sexual orientation, race, etc. you are! You are loved and deserve to be celebrated! What better way to promote this message than through a hypnotic and elevating groovy hit?

Check out "I Can" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lexie Martin! How has the major transition from New York to California been for you? Have the two locations impacted your style in any way?

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! The transition from Long Island to Los Angeles has been challenging at times, but I’ve truly fallen in love with the city. I miss my New York pizza and bagels, but the weather and people here definitely make up for that! Musically, I don’t think my locations have necessarily impacted my style. Both NYC and LA are excellent music hubs. Genre-wise I love what I love and wherever I am I find a way to be where it’s happening, whether it be in a studio or out at a jazz club, cabaret club, or open mic. Rather than location, what’s more so influenced my style is the music I grew up with, particularly jazz (Natalie Cole in particular) and any early 2000s pop and R&B.

Let’s talk about your first EP you released this year! What was the vision you were seeking for this project?

The vision for this EP was ultimately a handful of feel good songs. I wanted this to be an introduction to not just me as an artist, but me as a person. I wanted self love anthems and bops. I would hope people listening to the EP feel that connection, that musical hug, and empowered. For the actual EP cover, the vision was a lawn party! I went to Walmart and bought lawn flamingos, bubble guns, an inflatable child’s pool, ball pit balls and an inflatable unicorn. Just creating that ideal afternoon. 

We were VIBING with “I Can”. In what ways does it fit into the theme of your EP! Why did you select this song to create a video to and How does it stand out from the other songs?

I am so glad! That warms my soul to know that people are connecting with my work and enjoy it. “I Can” has a bit more R&B flavor to it, particularly at the beginning and in the verses more than the other jams, but like my other songs, it’s a feel good vibe. “I Can” was created to be a pop tune self love anthem. It also has a ton of sass. It speaks to situations you face when people tell you “no” and don’t believe in you. The most important thing is for you to believe in yourself. At the end of the day, you need to love and value yourself first. I chose to create a video to this song first just because of how excited I am for this song. I love all five songs on the EP, but this particular one I thought most showcased what my vibe is musically and my personality. “I Can” stands apart from the other songs by having a guest artist, RAFAEL ★, rap during the bridge, has those R&B influences and I think it has the most moxie. I wasn’t afraid to be myself and really let my personality take the front seat. 

In what ways were you able to personally relate to the message of “I Can”?

While writing “I Can” I thought of particular instances while pursuing my dream of music, I was turned down multiple times because of my weight. I was told by men in powerful positions that ultimately a girl of my size couldn’t make it in the pop arena because it wasn’t attractive. Hearing these things at eighteen from people who I thought held my future in their hands was mortifying and I put my dream of being a musical artist on hold for the next five years. After graduating college I realized that I only have this one life to live and I better live it right and pursue what makes me truly happy. For all those “no’s” someone will say “yes” and that first “yes” has to come from me. Even if listeners can not relate to this specific situation, I know that we encounter “haters” enough times to understand that ultimately although they hurt our feelings, they absolutely do not control our future.

What’s next for Lexie Martin?

I’m currently working towards a full length album and putting the pieces together for another music video for “Extra” off this EP. I’m also performing around LA! You can see me sing an acoustic version of “I Can” tonight, 6/24, at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood as part of the La-Ti-Do cabaret show starting at 8pm.  

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