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LG (Team Genius) Is a Prime Example of What Happens if You “Put the Work In”

Lively, dynamic, and infected by a ferocious no-nonsense attitude, LG (Team Genius) pushes her listeners to get up and get moving. Sometimes all we need is an excellent punch to the gut, and she doesn't hold back.

LG (Team Genius) grew up in Philadelphia and was brought up under the musical tutelage of her own parents. Her mother, in particular, had a significant impact on defining her music career, writing raps that LG would perform in front of her family and at talent shows as young as four years old.

Fast forward to the high octane pulsation of her latest upbeat single and music video, "Put the Work In," LG (Team Genius) thrives in the fast-paced environment that her punchy rhyme schemes breakthrough. As she delves into the lyricism exuded in her ferocious verses, witty quips come pouring through the vibrant offerings of the cinematic components emitted.

Showcasing a series of compelling visuals that put the emphasis on the opening scene taking place in the sunny outdoors, LG (Team Genius) joins a group of gym-goers in an outside setting where she can be seen coaching them as she fiercely performs. The mix between the vibrant colors dripping from everyone's seamless outfit choices and her signature orange hairstyle allows this composition to stand out that much more.

Most literally putting in that work, the entire music video is a play on words as it directly ties back to the title of the song with various workout settings being brought to life as we also see LG (Team Genius) schooling the youth of today in a manner that finesses her talents in an effortless way.

"I heard you're looking for results, you're gonna have to put the work in," is the lyrical motif that grabs our attention as the quick cut scenes illuminated by the intensity of the musicality, and the force of each actor's contribution provides an accelerating fusion that increases in amplified energy as the song progresses.

Knowing the amount of work she has put in to get where she is now, the rhythmic essence that trickles from her icy cadences has LG (Team Genius) showcasing her boisterous persona in a realm of welcoming bluntness. "Put the Work In" is impeccably buttery, saturated with her techniques as a wordsmith, and hones in on the imagination that LG (Team Genius) exudes as a creative.

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