Libby Phippard Moves Forward with Rich Vocals and Developed Sound On, "Please Don’t ask me to Stay”

London native, Libby Phippard stepped into the music scene at a young age before studying music at the University of York and later going on to train as an opera singer.

Each of these distinct experiences has led her to write and release her own singles that blamed folk and very traditional choir and opera elements. This ability to genre blend gives Phippard’s tracks a musical theatre-scene and orchestral sound that centers into a simple core melody.

Her new single “Please don’t ask me to stay” focuses on the feeling of outgrowing individuals around her and moving towards a feeling of comfort within herself. The touching lyrics have a gripping emotional nature and each whole filled high octave vocal draws listeners into the depth of her story.

Phippard’s production includes a backing choir to bring this single back to her roots while still remaining a traditional folk song. The instrumentals perfectly complement her rich vocal tone and enhance each rolling verse into themes of love, loss, letting go, and ultimately, personal growth.

Phippard’s musical ability has grown dramatically since she begins her choral career over a decade ago making her new single the perfect return to the classical music industry early last year.