LIBERATI Is Burning Up In “Fever”

Up-and-coming pop/synthpop recording artist and singer-songwriter LIBERATI blesses us with the love-at-first-sight rush in his latest chilling single, "Fever."

LIBERATI has amassed over 100k streams and 6k TV and film placements and continues releasing new music that's putting him on the map. His authentic lyricism and anthemic dream-pop stylings aren't something to miss. If you're a fan of The 1975, LANY, and Joan, LIBERATI might be your new favorite.

Now, LIBERATI is thrilled to celebrate the new release of his dreamy and tender synthpop single entitled "Fever." The new track is the first single from his forthcoming sophomore album, following the successful 2021 debut record, Endless Summer. "Fever" is an infectious new tune that showcases the magnetic push and pulls of falling in love, not knowing where that attraction might head next.

Diving deeper into "Fever," we're met with shimmering synthpop keys alongside crisp drums and chiming effects that take us into an ethereal pop-inspired world. LIBERATI's raspy and melodic vocals are incredibly charming, and the deeply passionate lyrics of his heart's many desires are all the more compelling. The song offers this lush and groovy soundscape that perfectly represents the otherwordly sensations of new love.

Before we know it, LIBERATI blesses us with a savory and uplifting saxophone solo on the hook, taking us back to prime-time 80s synthpop alongside the glittery electric guitars. The song's outro feels like sailing into the sunset, holding hands with someone special. It's a refreshing and ear-pleasing experience crafted perfectly from start to finish.

When you're ready to drift off into daydreams about you, know who hit play on LIBERATI's liberating new single, "Fever," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LIBERATI. We can't get enough of the refreshing and passionate vibe within your recent single, "Fever." What inspired you to create a song about your sweltering passion for someone special?

A dear lifelong friend in music, Anthony Rankin, known as producer-artist ANTi, had come to me with a few different song starters he was working on at the time. When I heard the pads and main keyboard part of what became “Fever,” I was instantly inspired. The vibe was sultry, sexy, and sweaty, or at least those were the first words that came to mind. So, I immediately thought of a club scene with two people making eyes, and the rush of seeing someone for the first time who you have such an intense attraction towards can barely contain. I then went off on my own to add a bunch of instruments and tweak the arrangement. When I sent it back to Anthony for feedback, I know it was something special by his initial excitement toward the first demo. Regarding the actual lyrical content, I was searching for a single word to convey the passion and heat of this couple’s magnetic pull. Ironically, while I was writing the lyrics, my sweet wife was battling COVID-19 at the time and felt warm. When I touched her forehead to check if she had a fever, the light bulb went off, and I started singing the chorus instantly. She thinks this is a much funnier story now, but at the time, I’m pretty sure I came off like an insensitive jerk or, perhaps at best, an opportunist.

What was your favorite part about creating such a lush and personal track like "Fever?" What did you take away from experience?

I love that you used lush and personal. “Fever” was a fun experiment of how to make something feel sexy yet heartfelt. The song's bones were solid and left a lot of space for little atmospheric motifs and textures. Having Anthony involved and then asking another dear friend and mentor in music, Emmy-award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Peck, to play the sax solo was special to me and reinforced the idea that collaboration is key. I often love to write, perform, produce, mix and sometimes even master my songs, which can sometimes be a great and cathartic thing, but nothing beats creating with your friends. So, I’d say I took away two main themes from creating “Fever” - don’t overdo it, add too much, and collaborate as much as possible.

What did you hope to make listeners feel when hearing "Fever?" What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience?

For “Fever” specifically, I wanted people to feel “in the pocket” and just groove or dance. If a song feels good, you’re instantly transported into the story of it because you’re not distracted. You’re vulnerable because you trust where it’s going. After all, it feels so good. So, I hope that someone is in that groove so much that they envision themselves in this club, seeing that special person for the first time, ecstatic about the possibilities of where things could go.

Why did you choose to release "Fever" as the lead single from your upcoming sophomore album? How does this song represent what's to come?

I think mostly because it felt like a fresh departure from my last record, 'Endless Summer,' and could give me a taste of where I’m headed as an artist. “Fever” also instantly resonated with me so strongly that I wanted to share it with the world ASAP. Some great pop elements in the production are so current, but then you hear instruments like fretless bass and soprano sax that invoke such nostalgia for classic 80s and 90s soundtracks. I love that blend and would expect a bit more of that vibe on this new album. I toyed with that blend on Endless Summer, but now I’m pushing a bit more extreme in both directions for album 2.

What's next for you?

A bunch of new music in 2023, namely my new album, will be released in installments throughout the year. I also have some tour plans in the works that I’ll hopefully be able to announce soon. In parallel to my LIBERATI songs, I am also continually writing and collaborating with The Song House, a songwriters collective based in Nashville. This past year I co-wrote their most viral hit, “Parachute” (10m Tik Tok views, ~6m streams). So, be on the lookout for new material through The Song House (@thesonghouseco)!