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LIBERATI Proves Love Will Always Win In "heartbeat of inspiration"

On any given Tuesday, you can find cinematic pop artist LIBERATI cruising Pacific Coast Highway, top-down in a Jeep truck, blasting Tears for Fears during golden hour on the way to his favorite winery. He calls this the "heartbeat of inspiration."

The former collegiate All-American quarterback, an Ohio native turned Malibu local, marries his Midwestern charm with the dreamy summertime magic of the West Coast to create a synth-driven sound that pays homage to his heroes of the '80s with the modern story-telling of bands like The 1975, LANY, and Joan.

Teaming up with fellow The Songhouse alum Rebecca Brunner, the two make a sonic endeavor out of professing their emotions with the release of the passion-fueled ballad "Find Out."

The wistful synth-backed jungle takes our attention to the elusive atmosphere etched into the instrumentation, all while the tightly knit percussion roars with intention. LIBERATI's velvety timbres simmer through the speakers as his words tell a tale of exploring the space between new love and an old heartbreak.

Soon joining him with her powerful croons, Rebecca Brunner adds a wanted dynamism to the record to drive the song's concept home much further. Listening to each melody as the two blend their harmonious bliss to convey the ultimate lulling pop hit, the lyrical motifs burst from their context and come to life. From hopelessness to faith, from despair to excitement, LIBERATI and Rebecca Brunner do an impeccable job at emanating an earnest environment for listeners to feel their inner sentiments truly.

Saying what we're all thinking, "Find Out" is a brilliant representation of the end of love before a new chapter whisks us off our feet and has us falling into its embrace once more. Listen to the two divulge a heartfelt masterpiece as you take in "Find Out" on your favorite streaming platform.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, LIBERATI! Congratulations on this charismatic release and collaboration with Rebecca Brunner. What was it like bringing this vulnerable concept to life with her?

It’s been a fast and wild ride! I met Rebecca through The Song House in Nashville and had a write-on the books with her in early November 2022. I figured we would write something new for either my solo project or hers, but when we talked about what we should write about, I pitched the idea of doing a duet. That’s when the idea to show her “Find Out” came to mind. We vibed on it instantly and wrote it in 45mins. I had to fly back to L.A. the next day, so I had no idea when we would actually record the song. For the next week, I couldn’t get it out of my head and made it a goal to make it my next single. I started working and obsessing over the production to get something for Rebecca to sing to ASAP. Rebecca had the craziest schedule at that time with gigs and filmings and managed to track her vocals in Nashville in the one spare hour she had at that time. As soon as I got that vocal takes, I worked tirelessly to prepare the song for a post-Christmas release, and here we are! I still can’t believe she cut those vocals in an hour.

What moment or story inspired the creation of the vulnerable and authentic "Find Out?" I was on the road touring with Jimmie Allen, playing in his support act Neon Union early last year. Over the course of that tour, I took a liking to a lot of Jimmie’s songs, particularly the ballads. Inspired by his style, I put together the chord progression and chorus line of “Find Out” and played it during a soundcheck. The Neon Union boys instantly turned their heads and said, “whoa, what was that?” I knew at that moment that the initial idea was as special as I had hoped. Knowing that I shelved it for almost a year because I didn’t feel emotionally ready to write the rest and give it the shot it deserved.

You've mentioned that you've been sitting on this concept for over a year. What shifted your perspective and emotions to release this gem to the world finally? Do you recall a pivotal moment?

The pivotal moment was hearing and seeing Rebecca’s reaction when I first showed her the chorus idea. I could tell she instantly felt the emotion and storyline as if she had been there. When she tossed out a few lines after that, I felt safe that this idea had found the right home. Rebecca’s voice had the perfect balance of sultry and tender to convey her character's emotional state in the song. What's your mission statement as an artist, and how do you feel "Find Out" speaks into that? I’ve always felt my mission statement was to facilitate connection using my musical gifts. I seek to tell authentic stories of the human experience using music in an attempt to create soundtracks to core moments in people’s lives. There have been so many times in my own life that music has guided me, helped me make sense of certain situations, and was the friend I needed in tough times. I want to provide that for others. “Find Out” follows two people navigating their rock bottom moments, trying to make sense of their respective heartaches to find the love they’ve been looking for just when they stopped looking for it. I can certainly attest to this experience myself. I love the plot twist of the down-and-out-turned-triumphant. What's next for you? I plan to continue releasing singles installments of my new album every 4-6 weeks throughout 2023. I can’t wait for everyone to hear these new songs!


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