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LIBERATI Radiates Pure Passion Through His Latest Single, "Figure It Out"

The Grammy-nominated bassist, multi-instrumentalist, artist, and producer LIBERATI releases his first single of the year with "Figure It Out."

Launching a new solo project during the start of the pandemic, LIBERATI takes his extensive industry knowledge and experience to create a project that claims to know no genre boundaries. Working on a concept album for over three years and finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, LIBERATI mentioned that each song is as dear to him as a child, raised enough to set free into the world.

The latest 'child' off of his forthcoming untitled album holds its name as "Figure It Out," a nostalgia-evoking single that serenades us with warm instrumental melodies and a passionate storyline. LIBERATI offers an incredibly endearing and soothing vocal performance, especially with help from this single's naturally uplifting tone and feel.

"Figure It Out" brightly opens with lush electric guitar melodies that drop into a mid-tempo and easy-listening beat. We feel as though we're floating into bliss with each calming element of this piece through the soothing synths and crisp drum patterns. Listening to LIBERATI's lyricism, he sings a touching story through a 'nice guy' lens, wishing to turn a childhood friendship into a forever love.

Slowing it down at the bridge, LIBERATI takes on more of a soulful and patient approach while singing empowering lyrics like, "You're gonna, you're gonna figure it out." Reaching the end of the song with the entire powerful and passionate instrumental/production soundscape, LIBERATI has us feel nothing but regenerated and refreshed.

Find LIBERATI's recent single, "Figure It Out," on all streaming platforms, and get ready for his three-years-in-the-making album set to release in summer 2021.

We're floating into harmony with help from your uplifting single, "Figure It Out." What inspired you to take on this heartfelt and nostalgia-evoking single?

I was inspired to sit down and write one particular night, but not like I would for typical songwriting purposes. Instead, I felt the urge to let go of any structure or lyric, and rather create something that felt like a soundtrack to my own movie. That’s when the bulk of all of the music was created. I walked away happy to have this dreamy, nostalgic, 80s-themed love scene scored, but I was never sure I would turn it into anything more than that. I hung out with a few producer friends months later and we were showing each other song ideas. They really resonated with the original music bed, then titled “You Tease."

What was your songwriting process like for "Figure It Out"? Does your lyricism flow with ease when writing about such passionate themes?

I never really follow the same process for writing any one tune (maybe I should start haha). I try to flex the writing and recording muscles enough to capture ideas consistently and quickly whenever inspiration hits. My songs typically stem from either a 45-sec loop I’ve made one night at 4a, a near indecipherable voice note during a run, or some random line in apple Notes below my grocery list (yes, I’m a lister). If I recall correctly, about 95% of the lyrics were completed in one night, but it was a verrrrry long night, so I wouldn’t say they exactly "flowed with ease."

How does living in Malibu inspire the music that you create?

I think it’s fairly universally agreeable that Malibu has a certain magic to it. I’m so grateful I get to experience that magic. Being perfectly nestled just outside my favorite city and playground (L.A.), but still offering solitude in the mountains or on the ocean, Malibu is the first place that made me wonder like I did when I was a young kid growing up in rural Ohio. I’ve always felt recharged and centered when in nature, and the ability to tap into that magic fuels my creativity exponentially. Feeling that wonder like a kid inspires me to create music that is heavily influenced by the music I grew up with.

What made you want to release "Figure It Out" as a single before your forthcoming album?

I’ve been teasing the album slowly over the last year, single by single, and I felt it was time to release something a little meatier in terms of lyrical content than some of the more pop-centric singles I released previously. I wanted to show a bit more range of what the upcoming album has to offer.

Seeing as your upcoming album is said to know no genre boundaries and was three years in the making, what should we anticipate from such a thought-out project like this?

The most authentic expression of myself I’ve ever created. The 3+yrs I spent creating this album are one of the most formative chapters of my life. I truly lived and breathed and cried and fell asleep at my desk in the studio writing, producing, recording, performing, editing, iterating, mixing, and mastering every one of these songs during heartbreak, elation, betrayal, loss, gratitude, and a multitude of other emotions and experiences over that timeframe. I sat with myself enough during 2020 to heal in ways I didn’t know I needed. All of that growth sparked the wonder I mentioned earlier and allowed me to explore new soundscapes and take musical “risks” I may not have 4 years ago.

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