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Life In Idle Feels That “Summer Bummer”

Life In Idle, the rad-ass band hailing from Dayton, Ohio, has made some real noise in the pop-punk scene.

Since 2011 these guys have been cooking up tracks that effortlessly marry the emo, pop-punk, and alternative genres. The world started noticing when they shared the stage with big wigs like Hawthorne Heights and Yellowcard.

Fast forward to the present, they're all set to drop their second LP, "Continuity Error(s), and you can bet their fans are hyped! After the success of the single "Catch 22." The band is also slated to perform at Ohio Is For Lovers festival in 2023, so it seems like Life In Idle is hell-bent on keeping their fans on their toes!

Now let's get into their latest single, "Summer Bummer." Despite the title, it's far from a downer. Picture a mashup of Sum 41 and Blink 182 vibes, throw in some sharp guitar riffs and punchy drum beats, and you've got "Summer Bummer." Sounds like a party, right?

But what's a party without a little drama? The lyrics of "Summer Bummer" hit close to home. Lines like "I remember a time where I would do anything for you" will take you down memory lane, straight to your tales of lost summer loves. Yes, it's a little blue, but isn't there something beautiful about a song that reminds you of heartbreak yet makes you bob your head to the rhythm?

To wrap it up, "Summer Bummer" takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. It's a relatable song, feels real, yet gets your foot tapping. It's the second single off their forthcoming album "Continuity Error(s)," and sets the bar high. Life In Idle is making waves and doing it their way.

Reminisce with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Life In Idle! Cheers to letting it all out on "Summer Bummer." The lyrics seem to evoke feelings of being alone with no summer love. Can you delve into what inspired these sentiments? Was there a particular experience that brought about this theme?

Al: Absolutely - this song & many of our upcoming album sheds light on a past relationship that went sour. Sometimes a person is invested in another, and it’s never really reciprocated to them.

David: We tried to tackle a lot of the heartache & disillusionment to find some healing & closure in all of it, which led us to write the song.

The instruments in "Summer Bummer" have a nostalgic yet contemporary feel, with the late 90's and early 00's vibes. How did you navigate achieving this blend when crafting the guitar riffs and drum beats?

John: The guitar part was influenced by a lot of the music I listened to then. I was listening to a lot of folk punk at the time. I specifically remember my mom being in the hospital to have open heart surgery. I went home right after they took her back for surgery and was filled with many emotions. I wasn't sure if I'd have a mom after this, so much of my emotion was taken over by sadness and grief. I sat on my patio in my hammock, which is basically what came out. The studio made a few modifications, but I think it still holds the essence of what was in my soul at the time.

Al: The full band idea started as many of our songs do with guitar first, then drums. We added the lyrics & theme after we had crafted the instrumental to fit what we wanted to portray regarding vibes. We kept it sad and anthemic, and the rest fell into place.”

Joe: I play the bass.

The line "I remember a time where I would do anything for you" in "Summer Bummer" stands out. Could you share more about the story behind this lyric? What was the creative process like when writing such deeply personal lines?

Al: In that line, we wanted to bring a sense of reminiscing back to being selflessly deeply committed to and willing to go to great lengths for someone you care about and the contrast between their previous unwavering dedication and the current state of the relationship, where their efforts have been disregarded and unreciprocated at best.

David: We had parts of the lyrics written long before the instrumental. Then I pieced this one together as a collaborative effort between Al and me. I wrote the chorus and outro, and Al wrote the verse and the bridge. We creatively write lyrics as we experience things daily, which keeps our lyrics personal and close to the heart.”

Joe: I play bass.

How do you feel "Summer Bummer" integrates into the overall vibe and story of your upcoming LP, "Continuity Error(s)?" Does it represent a specific point in the narrative or sentiment you're trying to convey with the entire album?

David: For sure - this song fits right, which is why it was the first official single. We re-released another version of an old song, “Catch 22,” that is included on the album as well since it was a perfect fit for our story in this album. Ultimately, we’re trying to convey the emotional journey of coming to terms with a failed relationship, acknowledging the pain while seeking healing and a brighter future.

Looking past the imminent release of "Continuity Error(s)" and your performance at Ohio Is For Lovers festival, how do you envision the evolution of Life In Idle in the future? Will we see more emotionally charged anthems like "Summer Bummer," or are there new directions you're excited to explore?

David: Thanks! Yeah, we are incredibly honored & excited to be performing with our friends in Hawthorne Heights again & all the other amazing artists at the festival. We are sitting on over 40 demos of some cool sounds & we can see ourselves keeping up with the emotionally charged post-emo rock vibe, but we also have some faster punk-sounding songs, and we have a few that hit a little heavier going forward. With maybe a dash of a little something different, you never know what will come.


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