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Life's a Circus and Marion Shaina is Here to Navigate You Through It

Having grown up in a household without contemporary music, for every song her parents missed on the radio, Marion Shaina listened three times as hard.

Admiring the way songwriting helps her develop deeper bonds with the world around her, she loves to see how her music changes in meaning over time, but never in relevancy. The indie-pop songstress hopes that, by putting her music out into the world, she might be able to create more connections than she would have been capable of had she pursued any other path in life.

In her most recent acoustically backed single, “The Incredible Shrinking Girl,” we get a striking ballad that surfaces in the realm of intimately delightful.

Based on an elaborate thought that came to her in college, she pondered around the circus theme that we hear intricately cast out. “The Incredible Shrinking Girl,” takes us into what Marion Shaina’s alter ego is, and how she would be presented in the magic that is the circus.

Through soothing verses that help your mind to paint vivid imagery in ode to the detailed descriptions that Marion Shaina executes in her lyrical motifs, we swim in the sheer authenticity that she vulnerably offers up to us. Tapping into the sector of herself that propels heartrending words based on real-life experiences, Marion Shaina has us on her hook with the way she tours us around the brilliantly knit arrangements in this powerhouse of a song.

Working our way to the triumphantly emanated chorus that has us singing at the top of our lungs, Marion Shaina proves to us just how well-rounded she is with her artistic versatility. All in all, the beauty that comes from a song of this caliber rests easily on our soul as we know the intentions that fulfill its profound essence come from a place of inspiration.

Hello Marion Shaina, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “The Incredible Shrinking Girl.” How does it feel to have this song in the ears of the public? What does it say about you as an artist?

Thank you! It feels…well...incredible! "The Incredible Shrinking Girl" was the first song I wrote that made me believe I had what it took to be a songwriter, so it feels like fate that it’s the first song I've released. I think it’s a great introduction to me as a writer, an artist, and a person. I think the song gives listeners a good look at my creativity, my strength, and my insecurities. What they think those things say about me is up to them.

Coming from a time in your life where you weren’t writing much music, how does this track still remain relevant to you and the music you have written in between then?

This song has already changed so much over time in regard to personal meaning. I think that there are always going to be moments when I feel like I am at my own greatest disadvantage like I’m shrinking myself. So, even though I’m not living the same life I was when I wrote “The Incredible Shrinking Girl," I don’t think the song will ever stop being relevant. It holds such a singular place in my mind. This song is glitter, it’s hope, it’s recognition of my potential and my fear and all the magic that I have right at my fingertips if I just work up the nerve to harness it. I’ve done so much writing since I wrote “The Incredible Shrinking Girl.” I’ve written songs that I’m just as proud of and feel represent me just as well as this one, songs that I am so excited to put out into the world, and I think those songs could never have existed if “The Incredible Shrinking Girl” didn’t blaze the path for them in my mind.

With such a unique subject that forms this song, what are you hoping your audience takes away from the messaging?

I hope listeners know that they are not alone. It’s not silly to want to be seen and appreciated. And that even if there are no jaws to drop, you can still be jaw-dropping. It still counts.

Although this is your debut single, what have you noticed about your growth as a creative from writing your first song to this present moment?

It’s difficult to talk about creativity in the context of when I wrote my first song because I don’t even remember when that was! I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember haha. I would say that over time I've learned how to take critique, how to work collaboratively, and when to stand my ground on an idea. I think my biggest growth has been learning to believe in my writing though.

What's next for you?

I have both a lyric video and a live studio acoustic session for “The Incredible Shrinking Girl” that I’ll be rolling out in the next month! After that, I hope to record my next single and start the process all over again.


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