Lighting Up a Room with Colourful Messaging, Jaq Makes the "ILY" Music Video Her Canvas

Jaq is a born star from the land of Los Angeles. Ever since the age of 5, she has been writing and singing songs that have led to her journey independently teaching herself how to produce her records.

Jaq's music can't be put into a box as she continues to showcase her genre-breaking talents with each song. Her top-notch vocal production and her tone of voice seemingly make her incomparable to anyone else.

Taking the world by storm, Jaq offers her listeners a buoyant presentation of her artistic talents in her most recent single and music video for "ILY." Serving an effervescent poise that radiantly illuminates your headspace, the sparkling Pop styled vocals that come pouring out of Jaq have you instantly immersed in the musical composition as an entirety.

The sultry timbres emitted match the vividly lit screen as the quick-paced motions that delve into the optimism of "ILY" are highlighted in a charismatic manner authentic to Jaq. As the enticing progression of "ILY" trickles into intricately written verses that stem from the heart, you're pulled into the warmth that is the eclectic essence of Jaq's signature shaved head with unique and colorful designs. The entire music video acts as a color palette that continues to give back while enchantingly transporting joy to the positive atmosphere brought forth.

Teaming up with Bright Minds Entertainment and Who's House, the scenes offered to dive into the many different styles that Jaq brings to the table. Highlighting the blue hues, which showcase the finely edited variety of three Jaq's, each more boisterous than the next, this is only one of the many scenes that lift the energetic peak to an all-time high. Accompanied by a choreographed dance sequence, you are reassured that this is a track that you don't want to be sitting down for. You'll be out of your seat in mere moments, basking in the jump-off-your-screen party that Jaq and her friends indulge in while kicking the fashion up a notch.

Strikingly memorable in both a visual and auditory sense, Jaq embodies her truth as she conveys the glorious sanguinity that "ILY" revolves around.

Congratulations on the release of your single and music video for, “ILY.” We adore the song and eye-catching visuals that you have paired with it. Could you please tell us what inspired the theme that we hear you dive into in “ILY?"

The theme of ILY was created in the studio before we started writing the song. I remember being very adamant about not wanting to write just another basic love song about a boy. After freestyling to the track a couple of times through, I kept coming back to the line “fuck it, I love you” kind of begrudgingly. I was annoyed that the line I loved so much was literally saying the one thing I didn’t want to write about. So at that moment, I decided I’d reflect a little on my self-love journey. I then looked at Luke “the VuJade” (the producer) and Petros (my manager/co-writer) and said, “Alright boys I guess we’re writing another love song. But it’s gonna be too MYSELF for MYSELF”.

We love the music video’s quick ace and fashion choices! What was it like on set filming this video? Did your creative direction pan out the way that you expected?

The music video was so ridiculously fun to film. The videographer Ben (other visuals) is someone I’ve worked with before so he already knew how I worked and took the time to really see my vision. One of the best parts for me was getting styled. I had nothing in my wardrobe that I was truly excited to wear in this and It was my FIRST shoot where I got a stylist (Ryan Barker). Ryan really NAILED my looks. He had pieces that perfectly embodied different parts of my personality. Lastly, the dancers were SUCH a nice addition as well. It was nice having some other strong/confident female energy on set. I really wanted to capture the diversity in all of our looks to show how we should love EVERY version of ourselves. In the end the video came out exactly how I envisioned it going in.

Out of all the scenes that your audience has the chance of seeing in the “ILY,” music video, what was your favorite to film? Why?

My favorite scene from the ILY music video has to be the record room scene. I LOVED the all-denim fit and the vibrant red walls with the vinyl all around. I also got to get a little crazy when we filmed that. I was jumping around, climbing the furniture, falling to the ground, and rolling around on the carpet. It just felt so freeing to film and the whole aesthetic of that room and outfit is me in a nutshell.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from the messaging in “ILY?"

I love when my music inspires others or helps them through whatever journey they’re going through. Music can be construed in so many different ways depending on what that person has gone through in their life so I don’t have a specific expectation on how it should resonate with others. However, if there’s one thing to take away from this song it’s to love every version of yourself. The good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, and everything in between. You’ll start to notice how beautiful life is when you start living out of love for yourself and others.