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Lightweight Literate Moves His Listener With “Old Mind”

Hip Hop artist Lightweight Literate was born and raised in the suburbs of a small town called Yuba City, California. Lightweight Literate's music and sound reflect a “Silver Spoon” upbringing contrary to the average rapper. Many artists would pride themselves on the struggle. However, Lightweight prides himself in the overwhelming love and support from family and fans.

Lightweight Literate excelled past my expectations with the release of his single titled “Old Mind”. "Old Mind" was so powerfully moving to me. The passion in his lyrics and the way he delivered it was so astonishing to me. He made us feel as if we were apart of the music as well. The lyrics were compelling, dynamically written, and vulnerable in a sense. The lyricism in “Old Mind” felt as if it was a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of “Old Mind”. His vocal resonance was badass. He had this nice grit and raspy quality to the tone of his voice in which helped emphasize the emotion of the song. Once I studied the lyrics of this record, I was able to grasp the idea that this song was possibly about the themes of heartbreak, disappointment, and distrust. Many people will be able to relate to the meaning of “Old Mind”. And if you don’t relate to the song? You’re still able to vibe with Lightweight Literate due to his insane flow and hard-hitting punchlines. I mean, he constructs the energy for us. It’s just up to us to attain it! Listen to "Old Mind" here!

Hey Lightweight Literate! In what ways has your upbringing and environment, impacted your style of music?

I was brought up in a loving family and I believe that guided me to continue pursuing my goals. However, my style of music is only impacted if I decide. It’s a conscious decision. Right now I’m growing and I am constantly changing I don’t want to get to a stale place and I want to keep experimenting.

Let’s talk about the newest mixtape LLNOTCOOLJ. What are some of the main themes on this mixtape?

This is probably my darkest tape yet. That being said, I was hesitant to show that side of me in this way. You can hear a lot of heartbreak in the tracks. Its my one way to vent when I quietly struggle with my demons. A strong theme in the tape is never giving up on what you started. LLNOTCOOLJ started as a thought and through action, like all my projects, I constructed it into existence. Also a theme of flexing on people who haven’t supported me. Look at where I’m at.

In what ways do “Old Mind” reflect the theme of “LLNOTCOOLJ”? What inspired you to write “Old Mind”?

Old Mind is a perfect example of the heart break and never giving up. In the track I battle with myself and my constant need to be better than my last project. I feel a responsibility to my family and friends to show them I’m special, but my constant need to show how special I am makes me feel lonely. I showcase my feelings of inadequacy in my life while also telling myself I can’t give up. I had the intro and first verse done way back, but it took me getting to a darker place to finish the song off. You can hear the aggression.

Out of all your songs off your tape, which do you feel more connected too and why?

All my tracks I have a strong attachment to. If I had to pick I would say the title track LLNOTCOOLJ I am most connected because I made that track before the whole tape was even made and told myself that I have to finish the tape now before I release that track. I’m flexing my singing muscle as well as getting into a lyrical bag. There is a HI quality music video coming soon with it so I’m stoked on that as well.

What’s next for you Lightweight Literate?

I have a couple of collab tapes with different artists in the works. As always I’ve been at work on my next solo mixtape as well. After 5 tapes, I will release my debut album.


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