Like Nothing You've Heard Before Comes the Sounds of SpaceDeath in His Single “Kirino”

Adrian Obloza, better known as SpaceDeath,  is a new and upcoming Electronic Rock/ Pop experimental artist and vocalist. Just like outer space, which is mysterious and limitless, SpaceDeath is like a sound out of this universe. Obloza defines himself as a non-conformist and aims to produce music that reflects on his personal experiences while creating a unique and visually appealing rendition. This young artist not only writes original tracks but also performs and produces all of his pieces and unique sounds. Quickly gaining a reputation with outstanding 900+ followers on Instagram, the local Kitchener born artist is making a statement in the Emo/ Darkwave genres. His single “Kirino” will put you in a trance vibe with a completely different state of mind. From the beginning, the song has a very deep and textured keyboard vibe. Going back to his inspiration for space, which is still yet to be defined, the artist cleverly uses auto-tune and echoing side effects to add additional mystery and wonder about his true voice. Whether intentional or not, I noticed his single features an Anime persona. Unsure, how this relates to Obloza’s sound until halfway through the song where he incorporates the meek and high pitch vocals of a female voice. All the elements and layers featured in this song, undoubtedly come from the uninspiring visionary who will likely change the future of music production. We hope an album is in the making. 

Listen to SpaceDeath here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic SpaceDeath. We love your single "Kirino". Can you give us a little bit of background on your journey into this type of unique music and sounds?

Thank you! My journey into this type of sound comes from a lot of experimentation. I can say that in terms of the way I arrange sounds and vocals, I have found a style and a vibe. While at the same time, I feel that my sound is always evolving. I find satisfaction in always trying something different with each new track and reaching new levels of sound.

Where and how did you learn how to play the keyboard like that? What influences you to create this type of music? I’ve had a piano since I was 6 and was always drawn to it and just loved messing around on it. I started taking lessons when I was in high school and quit after 2 years once because I wanted to begin learning by myself at my own pace, and at this point I had already understood the fundamentals and had enough skill that I could teach myself how to play at home and practice by composing my own melodies, which I still do now. I am influenced by my unending drive to keep creating music and making music that is a true expression of my soul. I feel like as a person I grow with the music I create, and I connect with myself emotionally more with each new song I complete. How is anime related to your sound? Why is it important for your music? Similar to how I create music by making what I want to listen to, I take the same approach with visuals. In my media I apply visuals that I find aesthetically pleasing to me, thus being anime. I am influenced by anime as it is what I spend my time watching in between making tracks, and the images I use in a song are sometimes influenced by the anime I am watching at the time. I do this because I think it’s important to connect the visuals with the feelings of my music. Are there any artists out there that inspire you in the makings of your unique music and sounds?  I grew up hearing a lot of 90s electronic music that my parents played around me and 00s rap/rock music, particularly Linkin Park along with Mike Shinoda’s solo act whose evolutionary discography has always inspired me to continually reinvent myself. As I got older I had discovered Amon Tobin and his surreal experimental works, where I realized that I want to take seriously, because I learned that creating music can be approached in many different and unusual ways. Along the way, I also felt very influenced by artists like Nine Inch Nails, Bonobo, and Of Monsters and Men. Thank you so much SpaceDeath. What do you have planned for 2020? Any plans of an album anytime soon that we can look forward to? I am going be releasing a ton of music, and in early 2020 I will release my album “BlackHearts” on all platforms, which will contain “Kirino”, certain recent tracks off my Soundcloud, along with new unheard songs. I will be starting a collective/community called "StarlightDestroyers" to connect with fans and bring together great artists. In terms of my sound, and I am going to be experimenting with different styles of music and continue to evolve my sound.