Lil Blue & Twonays Tell Us What's "Not Happening"

What began four years ago for hip-hop recording artist Lil Blue has now flourished into a relationship with worldwide listeners. He keeps them returning for more with stellar releases like the 2020 hit, "Not Happening (feat. Twonays)."

From recording in his sister's closet with an iPhone 5s to collaborating with various producers and music video directors, Lil Blue is quickly on his way to greatness. He has a unique way of expressing himself through modern hip-hop meets r&b, striving to connect and share those feelings with listeners worldwide.

Lil Blue hopes to influence fellow creators of his ethnicity to go through with their dreams despite the potential backlash from close-minded people. He's demonstrated pure talent, authenticity, and passion in his various EPs, especially the intro track "Not Happening (feat. Twonays)" from the project Blue's World.

This dreamy and sensual track opens with wavy synths that drop into a moody and mid-tempo hip-hop beat. As Lil Blue makes his smooth vocal appearance, he drifts into the hook and praises the savage nature of his relationship with someone close. But don't get it twisted; the outsiders can't get in; that's just "Not Happening."

Dancing in the background are Twonays's lush vocals that bring us a timeless r&b feel with her velvety tones and seductive lyrics. She later heats up on the second verse while the smooth sonics keep the groove alive and thriving. Lil Blue joins once again to remind us that no one can get in the way of this relationship; that's simply "Not Happening."

Turn up the sultry vibes with Lil Blue and Twonays's atmospheric single, "Not Happening (feat. Twonays)," off the EP, Blue's World, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lil Blue. We adored the smooth and sensual sound of your atmospheric hit, "Not Happening (feat. Twonays)." What inspired this passionate and sultry song?

Yes! I'm glad you asked that, and sultry is quite a word to describe my song. I like it, haha. Really what inspired me is experimenting with that more ambient tone and playing with pockets essentially. The true message behind the record is whatever and whoever is blocking your vision or demotivating you is not happening.

What was your experience collaborating with artist Twonays? What do you feel she brought to the single, "Not Happening (feat. Twonays)"?

Funny story, I recorded the song on, let's say, a Wednesday. I texted her the song later that same evening, and she expressed how much she liked it and was ready to collaborate. We got in the studio the next afternoon and knocked it out. Her verse turned into a fluid freestyle and was truly an experienced recording with her.

Do you usually create rather relaxed, chilled, and vibe-heavy songs like "Not Happening (feat. Twonays)"? Is this particular sound something you're known for?

Interesting, you ask. In my earlier music, I was dabbling more into distortion-heavy and screaming-esque music. Singing for me was born out of always loving really gentle Bollywood love ballads, which translated to me in many ways.

What role does "Not Happening (feat. Twonays)" play in the theme or concept of your EP, Blue's World? How does the song fit into the project?

"Not happening" is the first track on "Blue's World" and is really meant to anchor the rest of the project. Without care for judgment or background noise, I'm not letting it happen to live in my world. "Blue's World"

What's next for you?

Currently working heavily on my acting career, and the rest is to be determined.