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Lil $ensei Released His Fresh Single “Passion Whipped”

Lil $ensei is an independent artist who started out as a self-taught producer and mixing engineer currently based in Las Vegas. He’s been involved in music for more than 5 years now with a deep passion for his craft. Fusing together different flavors from his influences including Juicewrld, Drake, Post Malone, and XXXTentacion, $ensei is known for his melodic instrumentals featuring big 808s and catchy hooks. His versatility and adaptability enable him to connect with various peoples and audiences.

$ensei released his single titledPassion Whipped” off his album “Indigo Child” and i found myself grooving along to the entire song. “I came so far, I learned so much, I sacrificed for this”. The introducing lyrics of the song in my opinion played a major role in highlighting and emphasizing not only the song’s meaning but who $ensei is as an artist. “Passion Whipped” has this mesmerizing and addicting hook that makes me want to get up and dance. I can see this song becoming appealing to the radios and transitioning into a unique club hit. $ensei is not just a rapper or a singer, he’s an alluring and engaging star who creates music with intricate lyrics and brilliant beats. New emotions are discovered with each subsequent listen of the song and that’s what makes “Passion Whipped” so special! If you’re longing for a new contemporary fresh artist who can catch your attention with his lyrics but deliver you a vibe to match it then you will need to check into Lil $ensei and his music.

Listen to "Passion Whipped". Check out our interview with Lil $ensei below!

Hello, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello I’m Lil $ensei, aka Lil$, a Musician/Producer out of Las Vegas.


How challenging was it to teach yourself production and engineering?

It was very challenging for sure, but when you love what you’re doing it doesn’t feel like a challenge you know? I’d spend hours and hours watching “how to” videos and listening and studying different YouTube instrumentals and then more hours applying what I learned to my sound. Even now I’m still learning and I try something new on every instrumental because experimenting is the best way to set myself apart.

Tell us about your song “Passion Whipped” and the meaning behind it?

Passion Whipped is a song about ambition, motivation, and perseverance. I wanted to share how my life changed since my start through my experiences pursuing my dreams. I wanted the song to show that struggle can push you to better yourself.

What inspired you to write “Passion Whipped” ?

It started with the beat and grew from there. I started making the beat and at first was looking for a vibe similar to “Splashin” by Rich the Kid. As the beat developed however, I started doing a little free-styling and the songs lyrics just kept flowing from me and i knew it was a sign, Passion Whipped was going to be special.

What’s your personal favorite element of “Passion Whipped” ?

I would have to say the connection I share with the lyrics and the cadence used to fit them in the beat. I wanted something catchy but I also wanted to clearly express a point. 

What’s next for you?

I plan on collaborating more with other artists, really building lasting connections. I know this part is a great way to grow in exposure and reach different audiences. I also plan on working with other producers and really pushing my brand with other upcoming talent.


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