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Lil Mike Motivates on New His Single, “Ways (On Everythin’)" Produced by SeriouzBeats and Bless

Born and raised in Anderson, Indiana, Hip-Hop rapper Lil Mike has had a passion for music since he was eleven years old.

As an up-and-coming artist, Lil Mike draws musical inspiration from successful rappers like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and many others as he continues to perfect his own unique sound. Each song he writes is used as an opportunity to share a poetic and memorable message that documents the community he came from and his newest single “Ways (On Everythin’),'' is no exception.

The rugged instrumentals create a feeling of uncertainty while Lil Mike’s level headed lyrical ability keeps the track on balance. A strong, growing beat builds this inspiring track that will have any individual locked in mentally for the battle ahead.

Consistency is created within the song as the balance of the motivating lyrics to the ever-changing sounds and create a high-quality track that many other rappers haven’t been able to create within their long careers. To see the immense skill and production ability Lil Mike establishes in “Ways (On Everythin’,) so early on in his career, it is clear his success as an artist is just beginning.

Your new track is super meaningful and motivating, what would you say was your inspiration for this track?

The inspiration for the record was being competitive and thinking where I came from and stating I’m the best at putting a pen down on paper

You mentioned how you have drawn influence from other successful artists when creating your music, what parts of your sound have you taken from these artists, and which are completely unique to you?

I could go all day and tell you what parts I drew from. But I can tell you what a big part of my sound was influenced was my learning to be myself, stay creative, discipline myself, and push myself along with the flow from Kendrick Lamar. He influenced me a lot and still continuing to learn who I am as an artist.

For listeners, what kind of journey and message do you want to embody in your new track “Ways (On Everythin)?"

I want the listeners to under bits and pieces of where I came from at the beginning of the verse but also know this is someone not to play with. These are my “Ways”. Also to acknowledge I have nothing but a competitive spirit.

To see such a great deal of success and immense musical ability so early on in your career is super promising, what do you think is the next step for you moving forward?

My next step is continuing to push out records on top of records, keep reaching out for listening, and keep displaying this talent on track.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create? I take my craft very seriously, and the music varies, it can be competitive, storytelling, or just lyrical.



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