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Lilypads Release Electric Follow-Up “Too Many Times (Never Mind)”

The Berkshire-bred Indie Pop band Lilypads are at it again. Following their captivating debut, “Ode To You,” the duo turned trio has raised the bar with their second single, “Too Many Times (Never Mind).”

The ever-present harmonies and musicality are once more on the whole show, creating a refreshingly nostalgic sound that quickly becomes iconic.

Initially formed by brothers Thomas and Oliver Norman in late 2022, Lilypads burst onto the London scene within the year, headlining sold-out shows at iconic venues like “The Old Queens Head'' and “O2 Academy Islington''.

Adding rhythmic powerhouse Richard Marletta on drums has taken the boys to new heights. They are now looking to make a statement in what is touted to be a seminal show at the historic “Bush Hall” on the 27th of April.

Too Many Times (Never Mind) is as relatable as it comes. Though at heart a story of unrequited love and misplaced hope, the message is not as somber as it seems.

As the title suggests, despite relentless setbacks happening repeatedly, the core message of “never mind,” to pick ourselves up and try once more, shines through. The lyrics are beautifully interwoven between uplifting melodies and put in perspective by the endless optimism that vocalist Oliver presents.

Check out the music video; it framed the song perfectly and left us excited about what Lilypads will do next.

“Too Many Times (Never Mind)” is out now.


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