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Linden Tyson's Latest Single Fuels Us with Limitless "ENERGY"

The Georgia-based hip-hop/r&b artist, rapper, and songwriter Linden Tyson leaves us with a bop and a bounce through his recent uplifting single, "ENERGY."

Merging modern trap, boom-bap, and 90s r&b into his diverse sound allows Linden Tyson to garner the attention of vast audiences while leaving them with honest bars and lyrics along the way. With two EP's and nine singles under his belt, Linden Tyson is truly making a name for himself as one of the most unique and notable artists of our generation.

Especially through his latest single, "ENERGY" listeners can fully experience what Linden Tyson has to offer as he brings us into a scorching hot soundscape through the song's upbeat production and his confident bars. If you're lacking any "ENERGY" nowadays, Linden Tyson's single is exactly what you need to get back on your feet.

"ENERGY" begins with a bright and bold piano loop that later meets Linden Tyson's upbeat and lively bars. Once the hefty drums make their way in, the beat expands into this energetic and fluid soundscape that leaves us craving summer's heat. As Linden Tyson continues his ferocious and crisp vocal delivery, he touches on themes of avoiding the fakes who drain his energy while upping his self-esteem through his creative endeavors.

What we adore about this track is how Linden Tyson leaves any listener feeling inspired to get up and at 'em, primarily through his tight and rhythmic bars that remind one to stay true to who you are.

Don't miss out on the exhilarating experience of Linden Tyson's latest hit, "ENERGY," now available to get down with on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Linden Tyson. Thank you for creating such an uplifting and forward-thinking single like "ENERGY." What inspired you to create this single?

Last year heading into this one, I experienced a lot of pain, fake love, the ending of a few longtime relationships, the showing of true colors from those who were closest to me, & constant resentment as a human being & as an artist. I also felt this intense amount of pressure & expectation to be great, and thoughts of not feeling "good enough", ALL at once. I was drained, & completely out of it. So I prayed, and brought myself out of that pain, by writing about it. I write all of my songs based on experiences I've had or what I'm currently thinking about or feeling at the time.

Regarding the production for "ENERGY," did you create this beat yourself, or did you collaborate with any producers during this process? Was the beat pre-made by another producer?

I produced "ENERGY" entirely by myself; it was fun to create. I had this really nice piano sample loop stashed in the music library of my production software, that I ended up turning into an entirely new loop. I cut out this one section of the original loop that stood out to me the most, pitched it down a few semitones, and then just added the drums.

What do you hope listeners take away from your single, 'ENERGY?" How did you write your bars so that listeners could feel inspired and motivated?

Ultimately, to not allow anyone or anything to drain or take your energy away from you. I think that there are so many things in life that are capable of doing so, even people. I tend to write with the listener in mind which I believe makes my music relatable; because those who listen to it either have had, or have gone through the same experiences I did. I think as a result, people can walk away feeling inspired & motivated.

With a broad discography under your belt, how are you evolving your sound and style to stay current and keep your audience excited for future releases?

My music continues to evolve and stay current because I don't focus on what everyone else is doing, I stay true to myself and play in my own sandbox with the gifts that God has given me, which in the turn, makes me unique. Yes, I'm definitely influenced by the sounds of other artists; but there are too many duplicated sounds in music currently that are ultimately taking away the quality of it as a whole. It's almost hard to tell "who's who" because almost everyone looks and sounds the same. I think that's the reason I'm able to thrive & succeed as an artist, & why my audience is always looking forward to whatever I release next.



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