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Lindsay Kaye Bids Farewell To Past Love In New Single, “Have Fun In Austin”

From San Diego, California, singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Lindsay Kaye bids farewell to a past relationship in her newest single, "Have Fun In Austin."

Lindsay Kaye's talent knows no bounds, knowing from age five that she was destined to perform. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance, she ventured into the arts through songwriting and never looked back. With influences like Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels, Kaye proves her worth through vibrant, relatable tunes that hit home.

In her latest single, "Have Fun In Austin," Lindsay Kaye explores the separation of two 'lovers' and how one party decided to plan their great escape. Although the instrumentals remain upbeat and bright, Lindsay Kaye's honest, emotional performance wishes them well on their journey in a wise, mature manner.

Diving deeper into "Have Fun In Austin," a warm country-pop instrumental meets the speakers alongside Lindsay Kaye's T-Swift-like vocals. While expressing how she managed to get herself tangled in this situation, Kaye reminisces on the good times while facing her harsh reality. As she wishes them well on their way to Austin and parts ways with the memories of riding shotgun with this so-called 'lover,' Kaye is surprisingly mature about the situation.

Although her verses are pretty cathartic. As she unleashes the pain of parting ways with this person and relying on time to heal her wounds, Kaye beautifully makes her way into the introspective pre-hook and the bright and beaming chorus. While leading us to the lush outro, Lindsay Kaye reminds us that there is no time limit to healing, but accepting the situation is the first start.

Treat yourself to a post-breakup pick-me-up with Lindsay Kaye's refreshing new single, "Have Fun In Austin," now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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