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Lindsey Thomas Sings of the Void in Her Heart With Her Latest Release, "Ghost"

From Ohio to Los Angeles, the Singer/Songwriter and Pop Artist Lindsey Thomas gives us chills with her third studio release, "Ghost."

The 27-year-old creator began writing and performing within her years attending high school while also performing on the side and gearing up for her musical future. Throughout college, Lindsey Thomas began releasing her sweet Pop stylings for listeners to find a safe and warm space.

Through her third studio single, "Ghost," Lindsey Thomas tells the age-old tale of a painful breakup and finding yourself thinking about the relationship and their presence more than ever. Through her soft and melodic acoustic guitar, warm vocals, and delicate percussion patterns, the song offers listeners a relatable space with the piece's emotional concept.

"Ghost" opens with softly filtered synths, snappy drum breaks at a mid-tempo pace, and bright acoustic guitar picking. As Lindsey Thomas begins serenading us with her tender and enthralling vocals, not only has she naturally engaged us into the song, but she sings incredibly relatable lyricism of reminiscing past love and the beauty it once held. Lindsey Thomas offers this sweet melodic tone around the hook while singing with natural power and emotion regarding the love she once shared with someone who's still close to her heart. Linsdey Thomas has done a surreal job of painting such delicate emotions with her poetic and passionate lyricism.

Ending the song off on a reminiscent and sweet note, Lindsey Thomas has delivered a highly emotional and moving piece with "Ghost," which reminds listeners to hold their loved ones close.

Was it challenging to get down and write such emotional lyrical content with your tender single, "Ghost?" I think that it was much more rewarding than challenging to write the lyrics for “Ghost”. I loved getting to dive deeper into what it feels like when everything starts to settle in after a breakup. How did you go about crafting the sweet and savory instrumentals within "Ghost?" Did you lay down the instrumentals yourself, or did you have any other creators help out?

I started writing “Ghost” in my apartment one day while I was at my piano. I began to play some random chords and humming a melody and ended up writing the lyrics as I hummed. I brought it to my good friend and producer Teddy Marquee and he introduced me to an amazing producer named Mikal Blue. Mikal picked up his guitar and we all sat down together and came up with the haunting instrumental for the song. With emotional singles like "Ghost" at hand, what do you hope listeners take away from such thorough and moving pieces like this?

With “Ghost”, I wanted to create a piece that portrayed the feeling of being haunted by a life that you once knew. When you’re with someone for so long and it ends, you never realize how many things in your daily routine are missing once they’re gone. I wrote the lyrics, “but that’s how the story goes, now I’m sleeping with your ghost” about the new realization that you’re going to sleep and waking up in an empty bed where someone once was. Seeing as "Ghost" is your fourth release, how does this song stand out from your previous three tracks? Do you touch on similar or different themes throughout your discography?

I think that I touch on some similar themes of romance throughout my discography, but with “Ghost” the reminiscing feeling of nostalgia really shines through. What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see from you next?

Writing new music, finding undiscovered artists, and setting goals have really been keeping me inspired throughout this surreal year. I’m very excited to put out new music and videos in the next couple of months and hopefully be playing live shows again soon!


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