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LION Is “Not Your Fetish”

LION, the UK-born Ethiopian-heritage electropop artist, has been making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of cultural influences and unapologetic identity.

Now based in Melbourne, Australia, LION is known for his showstopping live performances at various shows and festivals, including the main stage at World Pride. With a passion for music, dance, and self-expression, LION aims to subvert the norm and create a revolution in the music industry, speaking for the voiceless and underrepresented.

Signed to Tomboi Records in 2021, LION has been crafting his signature sound, and he's finally ready to unleash it upon the world. His powerful debut single, "Not Your Fetish," is set to send shockwaves worldwide with its hard-hitting beats, dynamic rap, and sassy delivery. LION's ability to combine his multifaceted identity and talents results in theatrical, rhythmic, and prolific material that resonates with listeners and challenges the status quo.

"Not Your Fetish" is a bold statement from LION, as he condemns the toxic narratives often imposed upon minorities and marginalized humans. The song's unapologetic lyrics, catchy hooks, and electric energy are akin to a lion's roar, demanding attention and asserting its power. The track's message is clear: people have the power to write their own stories, embracing their messy, complex, and nuanced lives and refusing to be reduced to mere fetishes.

Complementing the song's powerful message, LION's fierce music video showcases his artistic world through commanding choreography and fiery shots. The jaw-dropping visuals are as bold and unapologetic as LION himself, immersing viewers in his creative universe and emphasizing his commitment to empowering the underrepresented.

As LION's debut single, "Not Your Fetish," dropped on the 12th of May, the world can expect an electrifying introduction to this talented artist's signature sound. With a mission to create a revolution and a genuine passion for music and dance, LION is poised to make a lasting impact in the industry, challenging norms and giving a voice to his generation.

Freak out with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic LION, cheers for being unapologetic on your latest release with "Not Your Fetish." Being such a powerful and assertive debut single, what inspired you to choose this particular theme and message for your introduction to the world as an artist?

Thank you so much for having me! I was honestly unsure about Not Your Fetish when I first wrote it, but as I performed it and gave it time to connect, I realized it perfectly encapsulated my values. Right out the gate, I want to make it clear that I fight for queer people, POC, women, and so many other minorities/marginalized communities. I love political pop, and Not Your Fetish demonstrates that; it’s an empowering anthem and a playful, sassy banger.

In creating "Not Your Fetish," how did you find the perfect balance between the heavy-hitting house elements and the seductive tone to convey the song's message effectively?

I co-produced this song with Benedict, an amazing artist friend of mine. Art is all about contrast, so we applied that technique to the song. The production is hard-hitting and quite in your face, so having a more chilled-out, seductive vocal layered on top felt natural. It took a lot of trial and error to get the right vocal layers to fill the song out, but we figured out what connected best! It felt nice to have a bolder vocal in the last chorus. I love how the energy picks up there.

The music video for "Not Your Fetish" is visually captivating and beautifully complements the song's message. Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you faced during the video's production?

Thank you, I appreciate that! Well, I loved the process of creating the choreography; it was really fun to zone in on different elements of the production, and it gave me a detailed perspective on the song and its little nuances. But it was also incredible working with Adam, the dancer who plays the dominant character in the music video. Adam has this fierce, confident energy and is talented in burlesque and whips. It was an honour to create this beautiful chemistry where we both owned our power and played on power dynamics. Adam also did my make-up and their own, which looked gorgeous. Big props to Fagan Wilcox and Jessica Galea too. They both directed and filmed the video; having such a passionate team is great.

Given the strong and impactful lyrics of "Not Your Fetish," what do you hope listeners take away from the song in terms of understanding the experiences of minorities and marginalized individuals?

I hope listeners understand how this world is conditioned to dismiss our humanity. Systemic oppression and toxic media narratives result in seeing individuals like us through a narrow lens of trauma, sexuality, generalized assumptions etc. Therefore, we aren’t seen for our full humanity. We’re complex, we’re so multi-faceted, and we have so many different, wide-ranging stories; that’s the point I want to drive home with this song.

With "Not Your Fetish" marking the beginning of your journey as an artist, how do you envision your future musical endeavours? Are there any specific themes, collaborations, or artistic directions you want to explore in your upcoming projects?

This darker, hard-hitting side is just one side of my artistry that I’m so excited to explore. I’ve never really believed in keeping to one genre as an artist; I envision myself delving into rock, trap, r&b and various other styles of EDM in the future. I want to delve deeper into identity, political systems and mental health. I’m a truth seeker, so I won’t hold back on the issues people refuse to discuss or see as taboo.


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