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Lisa Belle Takes 'Time Back' In A Refreshing New EP

Sweetly serenading us by way of Montreal, Canada, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lisa Belle introduce us to her explorative sounds through a new 6-track EP, 'Time Back.'

The young singer-songwriter has such a way with words, and we were able to fully experience that through her refreshing new EP. Lisa Belle is well versed in guitar, piano, and ukulele. Her sound can range from contemporary pop and hip-hop to moody r&b and gripping electronic. We're incredibly excited to introduce our readers to Belle's dynamic new EP, 'Time Back.'

Beginning the journey into the new project, we're greeted with the introductory track, "Prize," which softly opens with twinkling keyboard notes alongside a ghostly background vocal that haunts its way into the foreground. As a sweltering hip-hop beat jumps in, so do Lisa Belle's warm and bright vocals. As she begins to sing a rather sensual and lustful tale full of desire and passion, the beat slows down and allows Belle to shine in the spotlight while taking us around the hook one last time. This track was a perfect tone-setter, properly preparing us for what's to come.

As we shift our gaze onto the sonic shimmers of the next track, "Nervous Butterflies," the song beautifully opens with a dreamy electronic synth that sparkles in the song's background. Alongside a punchy downtempo kick and hi-hat, Lisa Belle begins serenading us with her clear and magnetic vocals that leave our attention locked in. This song takes on another sultry and desirous journey where Lisa Belle continues to fall into daydreams of a past lover and yearning to feel their touch once again. We love the haziness of this track; it perfectly represents those foggy and confusing emotions.

Jumping into the EP's halfway point, "Be Alright," Lisa Belle takes us back in time with a nostalgic and organic hip-hop drum breakdown alongside the smoothest background synths that float with grace and radiance. Listening to Belle's sweet vocals, she sprinkles her passionate words over our speakers while singing about keeping someone around for the rest of eternity. We admire Lisa Belle's ability to let her listeners fully experience such complicated scenarios through her relatable and gripping lyricism, and this song is a perfect example. This track was a refreshing mid-way rest that let us float in Lisa Belle's sonic clouds.

Getting nostalgic again with the fourth track, "Right Now," the song kicks off melancholy acoustic guitar melody alongside several acapella vocal chops and a punchy kick drum. As the 00s hip-hop drums begin to tap through our speakers, Lisa Belle makes her heavenly vocal appearance while singing an incredibly saddening message of mistrust and disappointment. The song's production keeps our hearts pounding, primarily the nostalgic drum kit that takes us back to prime time 00s r&b. We appreciate how Lisa Belle tied in such raw and genuine emotion into this EP, and this song allows listeners to see her vulnerable and intimate side.

Grooving into track number five, "Mixed Emotions," Lisa Belle spices things up with a modern hip-hop drum arrangement and sultry r&b keys while questioning someone's motives and wondering why she's losing herself in a turbulent situations. Before we know it, the pre-hook slaps us with a delicate but invigorating minor-key piano melody while Lisa Belle grooves her way to the hook and lets her honest thoughts known with the utmost poise and confidence. This is definitely our favorite track on the EP; it's a dynamic ride with incredibly soulful instrumentation and captivating production.

Landing on the last and title track of the project with "Time Back - Piano Version," the song begins with a lighthearted and lush piano melody that opens like a sweet fairytale. As Lisa Belle starts to pour her glittery and bright vocals through our speakers, she begins to sing an incredibly soulful and confusing message of complicated love and feeling like it's some sort of competition. This is another vulnerable and soul-stirring song that allows us to get to know a more personal side of Lisa Belle, and she sings it ever so passionately. While she belts her vocals and gives it her all until the very last second, Lisa Belle closes the project on this rejuvenating and chilling note.

Get to know the talented Lisa Belle through her latest dynamic and personal 6-track EP, 'Time Back,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lisa Belle. Congratulations on the release of your passionate and dynamic 6-track EP, 'Time Back.' When did you begin creating songs for this project? How long did it take to finalize it?

Thank you so much! My first single release in early 2020 under the same name was the start of this project; that's what got the ball rolling for me and what made me want to release my project and collection of stories.

Did any relationship or experience inspire the EP, 'Time Back?' What themes drove you to create this project?

Oh absolutely! This whole EP is based on my personal relationship experience.

Time Back the song is about realizing how much time you wasted waiting around for someone you shouldn't have, and of course, regretting it because that's the Time you won't get back; the Time you could've spent doing something other than being sad over someone. After that song was released, I started thinking more about Time, thinking about all those moments we wish we could pause, relive, forget, or change... So I started writing about my experiences through all of these things. It's been very therapeutic!

Did you work with any producers or musicians when creating the EP' Time Back?' What was that process like?

I'm so lucky I had the coolest people help me bring this project to life; my friend Jordan is the one who produced the Time Back the song and the piano version as well - without him, this project wouldn't exist & I'm super grateful for him and how much he's helped and supported me! I also met this fantastic producer from Bulgaria through the power of social media, and he is the genius behind Prize and Nervous Butterflies, and two unique producers from Montreal - Darksyde, who produced Be Alright and the one and only Merker Miyagi who produced Right Now. My favorite thing about music is how it brings people together, so meeting and working with so many different artists has been super fun.

Do you have a favorite song on the 'Time Back' EP? Why do you gravitate to that song in particular?

They're all so special to me in their own way! But... Mixed Emotions is one of my favorites because it's the only song on the EP that I wrote by myself sitting at my piano. Jordan helped me bring this song to life and ended up being everything I had pictured and more.

Could you tell us more about what you want to represent as an artist? How does 'Time Back' help that goal come to life?

For me being an artist just means doing what I love and being as honest and as real as I can be. I know I'm not perfect in the slightest, but I have fun making music, I have fun making videos, and I want people to see that. I never want to try to be so perfect to the point where I'm not myself, and my music doesn't mean something to me. The most important thing for me is to be relatable, honestly. I want to make music to help people get through things the way music helps me get through things. If people tell me, "there's one lyric in one of your songs that really resonated with me...." that to me is the best feeling in the world. I feel like I did something right. That's what this project means to me. It's me being myself and sharing my experiences, and hoping that people will resonate with the stories. And I've gotten a lot of positive feedback in that regard, so if you've listened, thank you.


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