Listen in to Don Jaymor's Latest Song to Understand Why He Feels So, "Misunderstood"

Don Jaymor is a multi-genre artist that designs impactful music. He dabbles in various genres to craft an elite, exclusive sound that is divergent from what the current music has to offer today. His latest track, "Misunderstood," displays the very intuition he has to offer as a man who has been consistently misconceived, and the product is gripping, electrifying, and emotional to say the very least.

"Misunderstood" is rooted in a hip/hop production, which becomes intriguing once combined with the dramatic, soulful, pop-inspired ballad that Don Jaymor delivers. His song explores the difficulties surrounding being misunderstood and judged for a misinterpreted version of one's self. He delves into the obstacles in being stereotyped and how seeking better peace of mind can be trivial during such obstacles.

You can really feel for Don Jaymor in "Misunderstood," as he packs in a ton of affecting emotions within his vocal delivery that offer a real punch to the heartstrings. His vulnerable expressions are on full tilt and he gifts them in such a harmonious way to his audience.

We appreciate the fact that Don Jaymor uses his platform to communicate his frustrations and concerns to his listeners. One can truly feel the power behind each line he delivers in "Misunderstood," which leaves us curious and aspiring for another sincere performance from Don Jaymor. "Misunderstood" is now available on streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Don Jaymor. What a powerful and stirring song "Misunderstood" was. Can you elaborate on what feelings you had during the creation of this song? Where is your mind now that it has been successfully released to the music world?

Thanks much for listening to my song. I had many feelings while writing 'Misunderstood,' feeling marginalized as a black man, and certain feelings of indignation. Now that the music has been released I hope listeners can understand that there are people out there who want to be treated as an equal, and made to feel welcome rather than judged simply based on what they look like or come from.

How do you feel "Misunderstood" will be interpreted amongst its listeners? Were you hoping there would be a general consensus for the emotions the song brought onto its listeners?

Although the lyrics are written from a black man's perspective, I think many people of different backgrounds will still be able to relate. I want listeners to envision themselves in a situation where they are being racially profiled and judged on a superficial level, how does it feel? What is it like? That's where I was going with the theme and point of 'Misunderstood.' Let's chat more about the narrative presented in "Misunderstood." Can you share the kind of story you want our readers to see with your song? I believe we as a people still have a sense of humanity to give others a chance to show who they are, with so much divide in the country today, I think it's still possible.

Where are you taking your sound next, now that "Misunderstood" is released? Can listeners expect similar storylines to be conveyed in future music?

Overall, I think this is a subject I chose to write about and center my album theme around because of what I was experiencing and feeling during the fall of 2019, especially during the pandemic in 2020, and the black lives movement alongside the George Floyd tragedy. In the future, I may write and record more songs like 'Misunderstood,' because I feel society needs this kind of music that has a message and some sort of substance.