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Listen In to RudySamA's "Star Shaped Sol"

RudySamA's curiosity for music began long ago once he involved himself with various artists that were able to help him evolve into the very artist he is today. Venturing into a multitude of styles, including rap, indie/rock, and contemporary trends, RudySamA has a clear sense of the mind of versatility he wants to capture within his sound. Today, RudySamA has released his impressionable, rap-based single, titled "Star Shaped Sol."

"Star Shaped Sol" has a pure underground vibe with the low-key tone that RudySamA keeps throughout the song. The characterizable, slow-paced melody of the song encourages listeners to bring everything done a notch and focus in with their senses to explore the elaborate ambiance. RudySamA does a phenomenal job at keeping the equilibrium of "Star Shaped Sol" strong, and he does so with the consistent delivery and tone he snags for the duration of his track.

Lyrically, "Star Shaped Sol" is walking through many narratives. RudySamA touches on themes of success, overcoming one's battles, and rising up from the ashes with a strong spirit. Take away what you want from "Star Shaped Sol," but we guarantee there's most definitely an element to take away from it if you're honed into the song.

All in all, the chosen style and delivery by RudySamA allowed "Star Shaped Sol" to feel particularly ominous, but in a flavourful and confident way. We're anticipating more of RudySamA's quality potency with new music to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic RudySamA, and congratulations on your release RudySamA. What kind of thoughts and emotions immediately followed your track release, "Star Shaped Sol?"

Thank you!! I was super excited because this track was done and ready to be released years ago but I delayed it until I felt it was right. However, I didn’t get Taylor Belle (the female vocalist on the song) to sign off on using her name on the feature so I had to take down the track immediately after it went up lol I spent hundreds of dollars promoting it and getting it mastered just for my own stupidity to derail all the momentum I gained. So in short It felt great to drop it and really crummy after I had to re-drop it without any momentum.

Let’s dive right into the storyline presented in your track and how it related to the grander picture of your life. What inspired the storyline within "Star Shaped Sol?"

I wanted to make a song about the human concept of having a soul/consciousness. However, I like to fill my music with strange references and double entendres. I wanted the listener to not only have to listen to the lyrics multiple times in order to fully grasp its meaning but to also do it in a way that they’ll come to a different conclusion every time. I wanted to make the instrumental dark yet magical, bland yet captivating. I needed the sound to be an ominous backdrop that compliments the abstract nature of my lyrics.

Were there any strategies you incorporated during the writing/recording stage that you felt helped to elevated "Star Shaped Sol?"

My goal was to leave whoever listens to the song either baffled or enlightened. I needed my verses to sound monotonous yet bouncy so the listener would be captivated by the lyrics and not the song structure or melody. The hook needed to be the opposite of that. It needed to sound mystical and beautiful. The entire song is meant to feel like watching the sunset on an autumn night. Chilly yet gorgeous. The words I write are meant to be understood as doublespeak. They’re meant to come to a different conclusion every time it’s listened to. I make my lyrics sound confusing to both hits the subconscious and conscious mind alike.

How do you continue to master your sound and ensure the next project you release is even more elevated than your previous releases?

My message will always be the same. I try to use different styles and genres to further my reach both as an artist and as a lyricist. My goal is to sound unique yet the same. I know that seems like a huge contradiction but my art is essentially spoken word poetry dressed in cool music. So as long my lyrics are heard and interpreted in an individual way according to the listener then I feel my job is done well. I network a lot and hand out stickers with a QR code leading to my music. I perform whenever my schedule allows me to do so. I pitch my music to playlists and bloggers and I’m not afraid to admit all of this. Whether all these efforts lead to a handful of people who vibe with me or a mass audience then I feel like I’ve succeeded. My enjoyment comes from making the music itself, the growth and elevation come from a continuous need to keep making and releasing music. The goal is always to make something cool enough to release and once that’s done it’s on to the next project.


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