Listen Now: MARI A Begs the Question With Her New Single “Marry Me”

From Austria and with Bosnian roots, MARI A is a great singer with loads of talent. Coming from being in the finals as a candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest, MARI A displays her ability to create meaningful art in several different ways.

Marry Me” is intended to draw attention to the beauty of marriage, with an entertaining, relaxed cheerfulness. The melody of “Marry Me” is absolutely infectious and we urge you to be careful as it will be stuck in your head for hours after listening! Musically, “Marry Me” is super upbeat and is piano-driven, with other elements such as funky guitar work and 4/4 drumming. The song vibes a pop-rock feeling and also displays some hints of jazz with an influence of “Rumour Has It” by the great Adele. Lyrically, we are shown her desperate desire to get married to the man of her dreams, and how she will not take no for an answer. You get a vibe of MARI A being extremely wholesome and sharing true values of what she believes marriage to be. “Marry me, I’m the best one in your life” - she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it! "Marry Me" is now available on all streaming platforms!

Listen to "Marry Me" by MARI A here.