Listen to Jesse Blake Rundle’s Poetic Single, “Nomad Exquisite”

Jesse Blake Rundle is a self-taught musician, singer, and guitarist. Originating from Idaho, Jesse can be found working on several new music projects, writing poetry and strumming his guitar on the front shop. The unconventional tuning of this guitar results in an idiosyncratic style. Rundle’s inspiration for this debut, "Radishes and Flowers" coming in the new year are features from the work of famous poet, Wallace Stevens in his book- Harmonium. This 12-track album is an indie-folk cycle.

Nomad Exquisite” is the first single from the "Radishes and Flowers" project. This song is a collective of lyrics provided by Wallace Stevens, vocals/guitar/synth and percussion from Jesse himself along with the addition of trombone, percussion and bass from; Chris Ross, Jordon Harris, and Nate Agenbroad. For those of you who are not familiar with the original works of Wallace Stevens. The lyrics are as follows;

“As the immense dew of Florida Brings forth The big-finned palm And green vine angering for life,

As the immense dew of Florida Brings forth hymn and hymn From the beholder, Beholding all these green sides And gold sides of green sides,

And blessed mornings, Meet for the eye of the young alligator, And lightning colors So, in me, come flinging Forms, flames, and the flakes of flames.”

Rundle’s take on this poem takes you to the everglades of Florida, depicting a picturesque landscape. Opening with a foot-tapping, upbeat rhythm. What is interesting about this song is that the artist is able to take this already beautiful words and pose an alternative view to their meaning. Both tempo and collective instruments paint a wonderful story. Listen to “Nomadic Exquisite” here on SoundCloud.