Listen To Shantoi’s Infectious Rhythms In “Girlfriend”

Born in Jamaica but raised in New York between Bronx and Manhattan, talented artist Shantoi was always around music growing up. Singing since she learned to speak, Shantoi only began songwriting within the last few years. Her music style consists of a mixture of R&B, Pop, and Reggae. Shantoi enjoys creating music that everyone can connect, relate, and vibe to. She used music as her therapeutic outlet and strives to touch her listeners and make them realize they are not alone, no matter their struggle. 

“Girlfriend” is a hard-hitting track all about Shantoi calling out this unfaithful man. He’s interested in her and Shantoi is unapologetic about calling him out. Shantoi wants to stay away from the drama and doesn’t need that energy in her life. The opening riff has a pleasant delicacy to it that quickly becomes a massive trait of the single. You recognize these moments of musical individuality as much as you do the hook, they are shorter lived, yet repeating enough times to make certain you know the song when it plays. Everything works well within to lay out the ideal foundation upon which Shantoi’s swagger and style can shine brightly. It’s a strong release and it highlights the artist’s musical direction and personality well.

Check out “Girlfriend” here and read more with Shantoi below! 

Hi Shantoi! In your own words, what’s the concept behind “Girlfriend”, and why did you decide to create a song around that?

The concept behind Girlfriend is that I had a couple of my friends who actually was going through that situation in their personal life, and I realized a lot of people been in that same situation before, and it inspired me because I felt the other females who have been in this situation would recognize it and connect. 

What do you hope people take away from this release?

I hope people take from this song is don’t settle and talk to a man that has a girlfriend. If he’s not single leave him alone. Because it's not right, and it will leave someone hurt in the end when feelings get involved.

Who or what would you say inspires or influences you the most musically?

I’ll say Beyoncé inspires me musically because I love her work ethic, her consistency, and she’s all for women empowerment. Rihanna also plays a big part in inspiring me musically. The reason why is  because she showed me that an artist doesn't have to limit themselves to just being successful in the music industry but can also show their other talents and execute in all areas.

What are your main aspirations as an artist right now?

My aspiration as an artist is to be able to one day tour the world and perform in front of many people so they can get a chance to listen to my music to understand some my life experiences, also I hope my music is therapeutic to those who can relate and even to those who don’t. 

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

One thing about me most people don’t know is that I’m such a goofball. In public settings most times I come off as more of a quiet standoff kind of person but when you actually get to know me I’m literally a “class clown.”


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