Listen to the Delicate and Soft Soundings of Gabby Patrice in Her Latest Single "White"

Born in Boston, MA, but currently residing in Nashville, Gabby Patrice comes at the Indie/Pop music scene at full swing. Her sound is light, genuine, and blended with a variety of contemporary sounds. Playing at venues such as Listening Room Cafe, to Bridgestone Arena, Gabby shares her sultry and hypnotizing sound with a clear sense of passion to her listeners. We can already feel the type of energy surging through the venue during her performances. We also know that she's constantly looking for ways to elevate her sound, especially so with her latest release "White", which blends ethereal melodies with an eclectic vocal sound that we know our BuzzMusic Indie/Pop listeners will appreciate.

Gabby Patrice is the definition of a captivating vocal presence. Her sound in "White" is airy, blending in angelic and atmospheric elements, which ultimately creates that surreal ambiance. Gabby stuns us with her vocal range. Her voice radiates at a variety of intervals, and we're amazed at the various melodies she can sustain throughout "White". Gabby accentuates her single with her charming presence and her enthralling story-telling. She makes you feel vulnerable and delicate. Her soft approach to music is what ironically makes her stand out the most, and we've gained a huge sense of curiosity for what Gabby will release next. Discover "White" here.

Hi Gabby! Welcome to BuzzMusic, and thanks for coming on here to talk about your latest single "White"! How were you intending to connect with your listeners with this particular release? The reason that I decided to release White was because of the reaction it was getting when I played it live. I wrote White about an extremely personal situation, and I thought that I was alone in that situation. After playing it, listeners would come up to me and tell me that they could relate and that they could not believe there was a song out there about their exact situation. My song made people feel understood. This song is much like a diary entree that I never thought people would read. My listeners are going to know me on a very personal level after this release, and I am ready to be vulnerable in order to spread my story and make a stronger connection.  Your vocal range within "White" was stunning! Your voice is incredibly captivating. Did this aspect to your sound take time to create and manufacture, or does it flow effortlessly for you? Thank you so much! This may sound strange, but my voice is something that I can't really explain. I know that the rasp came from a jazz band class where I was taught to sing a Norah Jones song, but the way it has developed is honestly through performing all the time. If you spend enough time on something, you can learn a lot pretty quickly! How do you feel your music, particularly your latest single "White", compares to your other recent music? Were you intending to take your music in a different direction with this particular single? "White" is definitely different than the other three songs I have released. When I decided to release pop music, I wanted it to be music that made listeners feel confident. I wanted them to be able to dance and work out to my music and I wanted it to inspire listeners to move. I was never going to release "White" because it is so slow and emotional in a sad way. It is a personal song about a situation that I kept a secret for years. I thought I was going through something unique and it made me feel pretty alone. After I started playing the song out, I could not believe the amount of people that came up to me telling me about how they went through the exact same thing. They would cry and thank me and I couldn't believe it.  A song that I wrote was making people feel less alone. I decided that as an artist, I am not going to limit myself to one type of song. I can have my fun confident dance songs and then I can have the songs that make you feel sad, loved, or heard. I wouldn't say I am taking my music in a different direction from here, I would just say that I am opening up and showing people all the different sides of me!  Can you tell us about your live performances, and how the performing side of music differs from the writing and recording for you personally? Performing is a pretty crazy thing for me. I absolutely love to perform. Since day one I have believed in every song I have sang. Whether it be a cover song or a song I wrote, I put myself in that person's position and perform that song to the best of my ability. I do the same with writing. I started co-writing in Nashville four years ago, and if I come in with an idea that has to do with a situation I am going through it is pretty easy to write. If I am writing for someone else, I listen to their situation and put myself there. To perform one of my songs like "Bad Girl" is extremely different than performing my song "White." Bad Girl was a song about not being walked all over anymore. When I perform it, I am confident. I go right back to the reasons I wrote that song and I try to do it justice. With White, going back to that situation can be really hard but I believe I am doing justice to my music by going there mentally and performing the song from that place. It makes it real.  I like to pour everything into recording, writing, and performing. There is certainly a difference between sweat pants in a writers room or sparkly outfits on stage under lights, but mentally for me they are very similar.  It's incredible that you've written over 100 songs! What a milestone! How do you feel looking back on your career in the music industry thus far? I am extremely proud of how far I have come. I am from a family of thirteen children all from the Boston area. I moved to Nashville alone, not knowing anyone. I gave up everything I knew for the one thing that I still haven't quite figured out. It has been almost four years, and I have learned so much about my music my voice and my strength. It is not easy, but the growth is extremely comforting in a world that can be so confusing. I have made plenty of mistakes but I have also done things I never imagined I would do. I have played in the Bridgestone arena. I have sung in writers rounds alongside hit songwriters. I have started a writer's night that I have been running for two years that goes on every Monday night. I have written a lot of songs that I am incredibly proud of.  I have received emails from so many artists asking to sit down for coffee so that they can get advice on music and Nashville. I may not be some famous artist, but I continue to grow and with every step, I feel better and more confidence in my decision to be a Nashville singer/songwriter.  Thanks again Gabby for coming on BuzzMusic and talking with us and our readers! Are you planning on writing and recording more, or are you planning on taking a break after the release of "White"?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me!  Writing is my favorite thing to do and I am constantly writing ideas no matter if I'm in a session or not. I don't think I could take a break from writing if I tried! I do want to continue putting music out for sure. I am going to be releasing music in 2020 and I will be playing as many shows as I can!