Listen to the Hip Hop Stylings of AjGod & Toriyama in "Water"

AjGod & Toriyama are two artists that are stemming from the collective trio Kurse Krew. AjGod, being in charge of the production stylings, is the type of artist that will inevitably impress you with his smooth execution, as well as his ability to create the impressionable atmosphere of their tracks. Toriyama, being most in control of the vocal performance, has nailed the soundings he chose to exploit, and when the two artists come together, we receive the right manipulation of Hip/Hop curations.

"Water" has the best introductory beat that drew us and our attention immediately. It's light, catchy, and ultimately the type of beat most Hip Hop listeners resonate with. AjGod & Toriyama begin presenting their verses soon into the track and showcase their amicable artistry. Once we first heard the vocalism of Toriyama, we knew there was a sense of familiarity there with the execution, and soon realized that he has such similar elements to his voice as Chance The Rapper, Ludacris and T.I, all mixed with the personal soundings of his vision. The production from AjGod is what makes this track, as it completely complements the flow of Toriyama. "Water" wouldn't be the type of hype track it is without the distinct production execution, that's for sure! You can check out "Water" here.


Hey AjGod & Toriyama! Thanks for coming to BuzzMusic to talk music with us. How do you guys feel about the recent release of "Water", as well as the attention the tracks been getting so far?


It's dope, i definitely wanna push those views up. For the most part I'm just proud of really how the track turned out. Definitely one of the more elite songs on the album.

Is collaborating together easy? Is it typical to flow through the creation of a track, or does the curative stage of the songwriting take a bit longer due to creative clashes?


Collaborating in general we've done numerous of times. This is definitely the 1st time where we do it for something more specific. It's a testament to where we are creatively right now. Any creative clash just goes in the process. 

Tell us more about your collaborative album "Krew Entertainment"! Does the album showcase a specific story in each track, or do you guys typically prefer curating the tracks that encompass a lighter, more fun execution on the lyric side?


I don't really know what curated means. But it's definitely something more on the showcase level. It's about 30 minutes of music. Something you can run through on break time if you wanna feel uplifted & restored.

How do you feel "Water" differed from the typical tracks you guys release? Was there a specific calling to this type of track--something that stemmed the inspiration to curate it?


Nothing's typical there's almost always a different approach to whatever me and skala do. I definitely knew I wanted it when I heard it. Sat on it for a sec making sure the track was spread out evenly as possible. It's the song I had the most fun writing. It differs from the level of confidence in the record. Perfect beat, perfect raps, perfect video. It differs definitely because of time as far as where skala & myself are currently & where he chooses to go with the production. Me being confident in skala also puts the same confidence in my rhymes. It defers because of our growth. 

Thanks again for talking with us about your latest releases! We're very in-tune with the soundings of you two, and the type of atmosphere you're able to easily create with the combination of your production and lyrical outflow! Are you two planning on attending shows to showcase your latest album? 


Yesssssss if you wanna see a good performance. Come see AjGod & Toriyama at the DNA Lounge on the 24th of November. The show starts at 6:30pm.  We'll be performing 2 tracks from the album.

Address: 375 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103.