Listen To The Soulful Vocals From Zaxai In “Find Me Here”

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Zaxai is one of the most talented and successful singer/songwriter/guitarist to grace us with his music. Born of Haitian descent, Zaxai pulls inspiration from his diverse upbringing, cultures he encountered and authentic life experiences. Since the age of 12, Zaxai began singing in church. It’s there he credits his foundation in his faith and musicality. He began playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 14. It was then, Zaxai knew he wanted to be an artist. When you go to a Zaxai show you will leave feeling uplifted. His captivating energy will make it feel as if it only you in the room. That energy is what brought Zaxai to the Top 24 of season 15 of “NBC The Voice”, where both Kelly Clarkson  and Jennifer Hudson fought over him to gain a spot on both their teams. In Kelly's words, “Your voice is just soulful and your runs, they’re just so’re just, smooth”. In the words of Jennifer, “You look seasoned, you’re ready.”

Currently touring records off his latest EP “Too Far Gone” Zaxai has his foot on the gas pedal and is showing no signs of slowing down. One of Zaxai’s successful singles titled “Find Me Here” is a beautiful love ballad packed with emotive lyricism and soul. Zaxai true energy shines through the speakers as he puts his heart on display. Whether he’s serenading the love of his life, or sending his thoughts to a lost loved one, “Find Me Here” can be interpreted in many ways. One of Zaxai’s admirable skills is curating music that resonates with listeners and allows them to relate his words back to their own life. I recommend you check out “Find Me Here” and keep up with Zaxai!

Check out “Find Me Here” here, and keep scrolling for our interview with Zaxai!


Hey Zaxai! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your song “Find Me Here”. Can you go into more detail on the meaning of the lyrics?

Well the lyrics are about hope! It’s about all the obstacles one might face when he/she knows they’re losing the one they love. No matter what though, once you’ve made up your mind that you’ll fight for something’s you’ll do it. It’s about dropping all your guards and confessing what that person means. All in all, finding each other where they are in life and meeting each other there. That way, they can work it out. 

What inspired this track?

What inspired the record was a mix. I was engaged to my then best friend and it didn’t work out. I then had feelings for another person out who lived really far from me. So it was a blend of familiar emotions, and this constant reoccurring theme, I felt in my life, where the person I want or love has second thoughts. 

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

Well I’m an indie artist who sings for weddings and events for a living. There isn’t a moment where I’m not singing or learning music. I’m also a major fan of music across genres and cultures. Everyday is a different mood. I could be into Afro beat one day or Haitian Kompa one day or soft rock and country the next. It’s my escape.  Even while on NBC The Voice, where I should be listening to the song I’m going to perform, I often have to escape so as not to lose those creative juices and feed creativity and that passion! If not, it becomes a job and I’m no longer passionate about it. 

Who are your musical influences and how do you pull inspiration from them for your songs?

If we’re talking the past, 

Michael Jackson is number 1 hands down and his contemporaries around genres of music IE: The Bee Gees, Bryan Adams, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire etc. 

If we’re talking current; John legend is number 1. Next would be Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Timbaland, Pharrell. 

These are all masters of music! Master writers, master producers, masters of the energy music emits! I’m a firm believer that music is more than melody. It’s magic! I don’t care if it’s a pop song, I can feel the passion and excitement they had creating a record. You can hear it in the details. I try and put that same mastery and attention to my music. That would be a sin not too. 

What are you working on currently?

I’m currently a freelance musician touring with my team “Zaxai & The Band Date Night. Recently, I’ve settled down a bit and work under an events agency called “On the Move” entertainment. Aside from that, I sing with a Russian. Eastern European Band at Baku Palace in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn as well as am part of a Haitian American band named, “IET”. 


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