Listen to YsL Milli Expose Many Truths In, “2 Face”

New York habitant John Joseph Laureano, otherwise known as YsL Milli, is an emerging Hip-Hop/Rap artist who's ready to show his newly-crafted sound. YsL Milli has been involved in the music game for 3 years now, meaning he's gained an insight into what works for him in an artistic sense. YsL Milli knows what it takes to create authentic, well-versed tracks that work to provoke many thoughts amidst listeners. Currently undergoing a string of releases, YsL Milli is all-too-ready to take the music world on by storm and share his newly crafted songs, rooted in vulnerability and emotionality.

The latest YsL Milli track release included his honest and heart-to-heart track, "2 Face." Using a consistent and leveled tone throughout the track, YsL Milli is all about delivering a straightforward lyrical piece with "2 Face." He says it how it is and leaves no room for misinterpretation. The driving beat adds a good, easily digestible energy to the track, which proves to be a strong highlight of "2 Face."

"2 Face," along with other future releases from YsL Milli are meant to hone into a new wave of honesty and emotion. YsL Milli prides himself on being a truly unique rapper, one that focuses on his authentic visions and doesn't conform to a certain popular style. This easily gets translated in "2 Face," and we're sure it'll remain true with future releases he's planning to debut in the coming months.

It'd feel wrong not to note the fact YsL Milli debuted "2 Face" with a music video, one that is just as intimate and direct as the single itself. With one-on-one visuals, listeners get to bask in a fully-fledged YsL Milli experience with the accompanying music video. All in all, "2 Face" was an original song from YsL Milli that felt like we got to know him in an artistic and personal way. Keep the releases coming, YsL Milli.

Welcome to BuzzMusic YsL Milli, and thanks for joining us to chat about your recent single, "2 Face." How are you hoping that this track of yours resonates with its listeners?

I want the listeners to feel what I have gone through and understand how it feels to be alone. Everyone in the world felt alone and at some point in life, people should share the story of that time so people feel related to each other and that won’t make them feel alone anymore. Either way, god or whoever the person believes should know something great is coming for them

Was there a certain person or place that inspired you to write "2 Face?" How do you typically gain influence for your songs? I was just sitting down on the couch looking outside my window in my living room and was thinking of these thoughts of my head saying “yeah I’m for sure gonna be alone rest my life” and that got to me so this is what the song became to be

How did you go about choosing the production for "2 Face?" Did you work with anyone in particular for the song?

I hit up my guy Malloy and got a beat from him. I told him I wanted something storytelling, I got the beat and went over to my engineer known as Bleach. Very cool engineer, he works with anything and everything. We got to work and I recorded it in one day and Bleach mixed and Mastered the track. And very last my guy from all the way from Italy created the amazing cover art for me. Shout out Italy!

Where do you see your music heading in the next few months?

In a few months, I see my music blowing up on TikTok, Major influencers reposting my music and literally, it’ll go up from there in a few months. Also, I can see by the end of the year with the release of my next album coming (Believe) I see ima have over a hundred thousand fans.

What's next for you?

Once I gain what I’m manifesting. Next, I’m going on tour to influence and share my story in real life. That’s guaranteed to happen.