Listen Up, Vibe out With COATS' New Release "Just Anxiety"

COATS has been making melancholic indie-pop music for quite some time, with much of his work reaching the chart's top 10 consistently. Most recently, he has been sought after by publishers and labels alike, with his entire previously released catalog being signed over to The Orchard (a Sony Music conglomerate). With 2020 becoming a notorious year in more ways than one, COATS is on the trajectory to shine some light on our Quarantine playlists with his most recently released single titled, "Just Anxiety."

On its surface, "Just Anxiety" is a gently whimsical and easy listening. The muted synths are weightless and create a hypnotic atmosphere; the lifting tonality that COATS brings with his voice is like a wave of fresh air tenderly guiding our sailboat along on this journey. With inquisitive use of robotic vocal effects and luscious steel-plated reverbs and delays that make this song feel like an incantation of profound meaning. The song offers a sort of utilitarian take on indie-pop, with echoes of denounced emotions, coddled in recognition of deeper meaning feelings and inner discoveries, all while being supported by a minimalistic production. There's a refined kind of grace in the way COATS' topline melodies trickle down the scale, and something stoic in the timbre of his voice, which floats, ever so elegantly, against the bright mantras reflected back at us during the chorus. With a unique sense of space and air, "Just Anxiety," pays homage to the doubt we all feel within ourselves. The lyrics are meant to form an internal revelation; they're a slide reel of self-reflection and blurry snapshots of afflictive emotions caused by anxiety. These inspirations anchor together to create fleeting impressions and give substance to what might have been a lightweight mood piece; they put a brave face on what sounds like a sad song at first and turns them into a bittersweet anthem of self-support. "That just doesn't define me, that's just my anxiety," he sings, and unsurprisingly, COATS turns out to have remarkable healing powers through this tone. We're excited for you to hear it for yourself.

You can listen to "Just Anxiety" here.