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LISTENING NOW: Allen’s New Track “Lovers And Friends"

You know the music you want to listen to while on a long car ride by yourself on a sunny day? Specifically the genre of Allen’s music is what comes to mind when I picture that very specific, yet perfectly described car ride. Allen is an uplifting artist coming straight from New York City (originally from Russia though). Allen’s music career started off with some unsuccessful attempts at forming a band, however Allen soon realized at the time that he needed to become solo. And, solo he is (and we’re loving it)! With an inspiring bone in his body, Allen wants to take his music to the next level and touch listeners all over with his feel-good, upbeat melodies. Allen caught our eye with his inability to produce average tracks—Allen cares about quality, and that’s something that really resonates with us here at BuzzMusic. 

Immediately when we listened to “Lovers and Friends” I was blown away with the upbeat melody due to the fact it transitioned my mood to joyful right upon listening. Allen really gives off positive vibes in his latest single, there’s no doubt about it. Allen’s music definitely catches your attention with how upbringing it is, as most songs in the genre do. We all really require those feel good songs in our playlists, no matter what mix of genre we like to listen to. Feel good songs like “Lovers and Friends” gives us the energy we feel coming on eventful and inspiring days. 

One thing I couldn’t help but notice in “Lovers and Friends” was the consistent guitar riffs integrated within the introduction and chorus. It adds a rustic element to the upbeat melody, which is such a crucial element to the song. I feel like it’s so easy for Allen to connect with his listeners because of how inspiring his music comes off—an extremely  important quality to a song, and not an easy one to pull off. Yet, we wouldn’t be featuring Allen if he couldn’t pull it off, and let us be the first to tell you, he pulled it off magnificently. And so, we’re highly recommending you check out Allen’s “Lovers and Friends” because it’s the best feel-good track we’ve heard in a while!

Listen to "Lovers And Friends" here and get to know more about Allen below!

Hey Allen! You’re music is so uplifting, wow! Our mood truly changed once listening. Is this the kind of aspect you’re going for when curating your music?

Definitely! Music must bring emotions to the listeners and in my case I do my best to do it in a positive way. Even when I work on ballads they never sounds sad to me. I guess that’s my vision of life that 100% reflects on my music. 

Can you tell us a little more about your overall goal in the music industry?

There’s always been a fight inside of me between “making music just for fun” and “to leave a mark in music history”. Having these two options always keeps in a balance and at the end of the day I’m still doing what I love the most. 

“Lovers and Friends” has an incredibly catchy beat—were you the one that produced this beat in your song?

I’m really glad you love it! Pop and Rock has always been my favorite genres and It makes me so happy that beat works so organically with all other instruments. But I must say a huge Thank You to my producer Ian Litovich for that. He was the one who simply put that beat as a scratch option so we could record all other instruments. And we never wanted to change it. 

If you could collaborate with only one artist on your next song, who would it be and why? 

It would be Chris Martin of Coldplay. His music has always been an inspiration to me. Coldplay is not just a band to me it’s some kind of measure of coolness. If I do something that I really love during recording or writing songs I always tell to myself “That’s definitely Coldplay!”

Any upcoming single releases for 2019 you can tell us about?

I just finished recording LP called Run Wild. And I can’t wait to release it. It will probably happen in a next month or so. I never been more excited about my music as I am now. 


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