Lithic Brings Unique Genre-Blending to the Stage With Their Latest Single “La La Land”

Southern California alternative rock band Lithic releases their high energy track “La La Land” off their upcoming EP. Consisting of Jack Dinger, Juan Peña, Marvin Buessau, and Stone Panunzio. After each member graduated from Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music, Lithic was formed to serve their eclectic tastes and provide an intriguing genre-blending sound to their audience. Their latest rocking hit “La La Land” captures elements of ambient alternative to hard-hitting rock, around incredibly exciting vocal arrangements locking in our attention. Lithic’s first single “La La Land” off their upcoming EP serves a gripping glimpse of what we’re about to hear while starting off the process with a bang.

Keeping us hooked with soaring guitar riffs and complex percussion, Lithic’s track “La La Land” is quite the exciting one. Opening with an upbeat muffled drum pattern leading up to funky electric guitar melodies receiving our full undivided attention, Lithic takes their relentless energy to the maximum on this track. Reaching the songs hook, we’re struck with a catchy melody through exhilarating vocals allowing us to sing along and get down with Lithic’s surreal vibe. “La La Land” takes a turn with heavier rock instrumentation, closing out the song with trailblazing electric guitar and throbbing drum patterns only to leave us wanting more. Anticipating the release of their upcoming EP, we’re excited to hear more of Lithic is made of.

Listen to "La La Land" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lithic! We’re loving the vibes that Lithic gives off on your recent single “La La Land”. Could Lithic take us through where the band found inspiration to write such a high energy and riveting song?

Funny enough, I (Stone) started writing this song as a class project at Berklee College of Music, and I quickly became attached to it. It reflected a deep unease I was feeling at the time. The dark lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggles of severe depression. On the contrary, the upbeat vibe of the song represents the facade. This contrast is the essence of “La La Land”.

It’s evident that Lithic grasps musical inspiration from many different genres and styles of music. Could you name a few of the band’s main influences and how these artists/groups may have impacted Lithic’s original sound? 

We’re all over the place! It changes every day, and we continue to check out new shit. We love The Beatles, Nirvana, Billie Eilish, Wolf Alice, and Tame Impala, to name a few. It really depends on which of the four of us you ask. We are all really unique characters; a big part of our sound is our interpersonal chemistry. We suck :)

Your track “La La Land” captures an authentic blend of a bright alternative to blistering rock. Since Lithic is known to be very genre-blending, could you elaborate on your creative process for “La La Land”, and how Lithic transitions from sound to sound?

Jack and I write a lot of stuff together, and also compose individually! I wrote a good amount of the parts/lyrics for La La Land for a class, and Jack and I had some fun getting it all worked out afterward. It’s very much in our nature to ebb and flow; we just vibe and new tunes pop out. It’s pretty dope! Our rhythm section, Juan Peña, and Marvin Buessau, is the engine which propels us forward. Their relentless groove is key to Lithic’s sound. It’s not a genre thing, it’s just music to us! We like, very very much, to groove as hard as possible. 

In regards to your single “La La Land”, Lithic establishes top-flight atmospheres within seconds of listening to the track. Could the band expand on why you wanted “La La Land” to lead the way for your upcoming EP?

We chose this single because we wanted to come out blazing. It also happens to be a very subtle nod to our new home in LA (the proverbial La La Land). It’s been a while since our last release, and this song brings all the energy needed to come out of the woodwork and make a statement.

What can we expect to see from Lithic next?

You can expect some new music around the bend! Keep your ears to the road, and your eyes on our Instagram, @lithicofficial. The new stuff is FUCKED, just sayin….. 

Once this is all over (COVID-19) we’ll be bringing the party to just about anywhere that will have us, so be prepared.