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littleFVR Asks For "more" in an Honest and Refreshing Single

From San Francisco to Long Beach, singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist littleFVR releases a timeless and lush single entitled "more."

littleFVR began her way into the music industry by studying musical theater at Ruth Aswa School of the Arts. Later, she moved over to the University and Rochester and felt inspired to create original music. Her passionate hip-hop, soul, and r&b sound are sure to swoon any listener who graces littleFVR's chilling piece.

Helping us get to know the woman behind the microphone is littleFVR's latest single, "more," which showcases her talented lyrical abilities and relatable emotion.

"more" offers a shoulder to cry on for anyone who feels unappreciated in a relationship, and we genuinely adore how littleFVR takes her time to deliver each meaningful lyric with the utmost poise and passion.

Listening to "more," the track kicks off with a distorted and nostalgic sample that sets the song's emotional and chilling tone. The delicate piano melodies and fluttery synths make their way in, so do littleFVR's soulful vocals and the soothing drum breaks. Right off the bat, we feel a particular connection to littleFVR, who wears her heart on her sleeve to emphasize her boundless emotions.

Continuing her venture through this soothing and sonically delicious single, littleFVR expands on giving all she has to someone special, only for them to provide almost nothing in return. It's an achingly honest single, as we feel for those who've experienced such haunting situations. However, littleFVR's latest single, "more," offers a helping hand to help navigate those turbulent emotions.

Feel your heart sink into your stomach with littleFVR's latest emotional single, "more," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic littleFVR. We were truly taken aback when experiencing the emotion and heart you've poured into your single "more." What moment or experience led you to create this vulnerable single?

Thank you so much, I appreciate it. I would like to think most people are familiar with Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree and 'More' is me essentially taking on the embodiment of the tree and everyone else, specifically the people I end up loving, are all the little boy who is constantly taking from the tree until she has nothing left to give. I was drowning as a young mom with no family— I just finished family therapy with my baby girl working on our communication and relationship, I was forcing myself to get over my first love for the 3rd time, at the same time I was dealing with someone extremely manipulative who was a recovering addict. I didn't know until I had fallen a little too deep in it with them, and simultaneously I was trying to navigate through the co-parent dynamic with my ex-partner with who I share my child, and she and I were just really on the in-betweens. She was causing me a lot of unnecessary drama, and I was reaching my breaking point. While all of this was happening, I watched my best friend cry herself to sleep for over a year, going through this crazy breakup. I watched her give so much of herself to this man and submit to him in the ways he desired and required her, yet her needs were never met. She tolerated the scraps he gave her, constantly devalued her worth, and instead of him standing behind her, he was always too busy standing her up, making her look stupid. Around the time, I was also hooked on Session 31 by Summer Walker, and one night I was sitting at my laptop with my baby girl, playing back some records my boy Jerry Rescue!!! had sent to me, and something about that instrumental sank into me. It made me wanna lean into my pain, questioning why I had made so many lefts at rights, asking hella questions, madd questions, hard questions, and it was all because I knew I was getting to the point where I could only continue enduring so much of this person and that person making me feel like everything was my fault until I started questioning who the problem really was. I'm incredibly emotional, and I do not understand the concept of taking the high road. When my feelings are hurt, I blow shit up, and I am just absolutely hysterical. The person I was dealing with wasn't receptive to that kind of behavior, so I knew I couldn't do that. And because I knew he wouldn't react to certain things, I would try to do ridiculous stuff that I knew would get his attention, and in return, he would give me the attention I craved. Looking back, I know I wasn't gaining anything from that situation; I was losing major, like so much of myself, especially my dignity and self-respect, but I kept giving more, and more, and more thinking that the more I gave him, the better my chances would be for him loving me. Even with my ex-partner, my biggest fear was losing her to someone else. She was one of my best friends, we had gone through so much together, and she was slipping through my fingers like sand, so I would give her more and more and more— that only made things worse. I learned that when someone is consciously choosing to walk away from you, let them. You may not realize it at the time, but they are doing you a favor.

Was it challenging for you to write your emotional lyricism for "more?" Or was this process rather straightforward?

More was straightforward. It was a freestyle that I crafted into a full record. My best friend and I have writing sessions on the phone almost every night, and without even trying, she and I almost always make some kind of breakthrough or achieve moving one another so deeply that our sessions end in tears. I say all of that to say that there is definitely such a thing as being in a great place with your pain, and 'More' is definitely a testimony of that. As humans, we go through a lot of stuff on a regular basis, encountering a multitude of emotions and shifts from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. Because I was going through what I felt like was too much at the time, I had an over-the-flow of emotion, and my pen allowed me to channel that. When an emotion resonates with me, I don't think overthinking is even possible because I completely succumb to the emotion. It's almost hypnotizing, and I can exist in that space for a long time. I'm not begging for people to break my heart, but I am grateful for the existence of that space. When I'm in it, I can see everything clearer than before because I end up standing on the other side of the fog.

Did you work with any producers when formulating the sonics for "more?" What ambiance or mood did you want the production to offer?

I produce the majority of my music, but my boy Jerry Rescue!!! has created about 90% of the beats I've written over and does all the production on that end. But the vocal sonics are always, always me. Jerry set the tone for this record, and I knew he had created an ambiance and mood for me to latch on to the moment I spun the instrumental for the first time. Jerry always stresses the importance of understanding the craft and being utterly independent while also understanding what a collaborative effort means, especially as a Woman in a male-driven industry. He always pushes me to train my ears, understands how to create my music, and realizes what sonics mean when conveying emotion. Jerry and I produced 'More' together— I don't think 'More' would've been captured so beautifully without him. I was going for a reflective conversation, almost like dissecting a memory and allowing myself to relive that memory so I can put it to rest. Still, instead of resting, I wanted it to end in a relatable way which is essentially something that eats at us. Memories can, really, really put us down and paralyze our entire body and mind. My mom used to say to me, "your mind can run from your body if you let it," and I think some memories are so crippling that they can do just that.

What impact did you want to make on the listener with "more"? What did you want them to experience when listening to this single?

I'm an introvert-extrovert, so the anxiety I encounter when thinking about listeners can really dampen my day, so instead, I try to think of all of this as a form of therapy. We are living in a world full of instant connections while we are all still struggling to connect. For too long, I set myself apart from others and thought I was being punished with the cards of life I was dealt, but I realized that there are so many others like me. After taking three years to finish up my EP to move into this next transition, I realized that so much of what I was saying were feelings that people were feeling alone with, and I guess now I'm like, you're not alone. I wanted to create a mirror for them to where they were given the opportunity to look from the outside in because we all know insight and advice looks and sounds so different depending on what side of the table we're sitting on. It's the idea of giving advice you can't follow and seeing that you aren't alone with that. We all struggle with that. But I also wanted to show them how shitty it looks and feels when we see someone going through a situation that we know they're above, just like we find ourselves in situations we know we're above, but they're still allowing all of this to go on and so are we. Truthfully, there is only so much we can blame and put off on others, and this is because people will only do to you, what you allow them to, and that's real. If someone loves you part-time, why would you accept that? If you saw all the signs, why would you still drive into a hazardous construction zone? If this person makes you constantly feel on edge and make you feel stupid, why sit in that and embody that? If you gave them everything, why let them stress you out regularly? Are you losing sanity? Trying to figure out what they did to you? Your person should never make you feel lonely. Being alone and lonely are very different things. Begging someone not to leave and bargaining with them that you'll give them more so that they don't walk out the door is bullshit. You aren't soliciting your services like you're for sale. You're not here to convince anyone to love you. That's not how love works.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next?

Listeners can anticipate hearing more of me. As a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, I'm always experimenting because I want to write for other artists. I have some heat coming— my music has evolved so much, and I'm very proud of the voice and style I've created. I also love how confident I'm feeling after years of my family and other people not believing in me, telling me I'm not good enough, or people saying my voice is weird or saying I sound like an older man when I sing (wild). My sound is my sound. I love my voice. I love my pen. I don't sound like anyone, and no one sounds like me. I love how unique my music is, and I'm grateful for all my musical influences and support from my small circle of friends. I have a house record coming out soon that I collaborated with J I D D Y, he's a super dope Jersey Club scene DJ, and I'm also dropping a single soon called 'Actin' Up.' I do not doubt that everybody will love this record, and to keep it a thousand, to date, it is one of the best records I've written. I wanted to pitch the record for placement, but Jerry was like, nope, don't do that, 'actin' up' is going to be one of the ones that make people fall in love with you. So I'm hoping people do just that because I've been closed off knowing my entire life that I've been nobody's favorite, so now I'm ready to finally let people in, create my lane, and connect with people in ways never thought possible. I don't have one of those famous social media personalities, but when you catch these vibes in real-time, you're guaranteed to love me in some capacity. My music is the closest I can get to sharing these vibes the way I know how to share me best.


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