Liv Hanna Delivers a Powerful Message in Her Newest Single “Grown”

When an artist feels their music their delivery is much more impactful. Liv Hanna has admitted that her single “Grown” was her personal favorite record to write thus far. This instantly gave us an interest in listening to this song because of it. Liv Hanna has various aspects in “Grown” that we loved but most importantly it was the passion behind the delivery. Liv Hanna had an intricate and complex voice that not many artists have themselves. The quality in her tone and the detailed vocal arrangement had breathed life into “Grown”.

Liv Hanna did more than just sing the song. She spoke to the listener through vulnerability but a stylistic approach. “Grown” is about reaching a realization that you don’t need specific negativity in your life even if it becomes comfortable. I believe this message was super needed for the public to hear. It’s highly relatable and can translate well with all ages and generations. Many people become stuck in bad habits and they develop a fixed mindset in which they feel as if these habits are unchangeable. Liv Hanna has profoundly delivered us a hit and Grown could be the song of 2020! You can listen to “Grown” by Liv Hanna here!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Liv Hanna! How would you describe your upbringing and background?

I am an only child brought up in the suburbs of New York. I’ve been surrounded by music from as far back as I can remember. My dad was constantly having me sing to anyone who would listen! I started voice and piano at age 8 and was in several choirs the most elite of which being the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of NY. I also participated in NYSSMA for several years, which is an annual competitive music festival for middle and high school students. I began songwriting at age 11. 

Do you mind sharing to us a specific moment in your life when you felt like you had to grow from the situation and remove yourself just like the message in your single “Grown”?

The moment I realized I had to remove myself from the situation which sparked “Grown,” was when I felt I no longer had the support, understanding, and acceptance of those I thought I was closest to. I feel at some point, everyone experiences this feeling of distance where relationships may no longer click and are forced because they are scared of change. 

What was the most challenging aspect for you when creating “Grown” and why?

The most challenging aspect of creating “Grown” was actually putting ‘pen to paper’ and realizing I was losing a big part of my life. This is one of my favorite songs I’ve written so far because I think it’s the most relatable. A lot of people are scared of change but once you learn to embrace and move on from whatever toxic thing you had in your life, you realize you are so much better off. This song is about coming to the realization that you don’t need negativity in your life even if it may be comfortable. Once you stop caring what others think of you, you will be so much happier. 

How would you describe the production of “Grown”?

The production of “Grown” was my favorite part. I think this the most exciting time for most artists because you see your idea come to fruition. There is such a difference between you playing ur piano and singing at home and turning that idea into a track and then a single. I love helping develop the backtracks because they are a key component of how the song turns out and contribute to the style and genre of the track. 

What’s next for you Liv Hannah?

I have many exciting projects I’ll be working on in 2020 and hopefully an album will be out by July, but as of now, this is the work I’m proudest of. I hope others will appreciate and relate to this song as well as I do.