Liv Hanna’s Magical Voice Moves You In “Aftermath”

Liv Hanna is a 16-year-old rising star from Long Island, New York who dropped her promising single titled “Aftermath”. The record was completely magical. Liv’s vocal resonance is unbelievably moving and striking with poise and a full range register. She serenades her listener with her warm and soft vocal tone before elevating the dynamics and us with a more powerful belt at the correctly arranged measurement in the single.

“Aftermath” is an emotionally heart-rendering song that will leave you speechless. From the production to her gorgeous tone, “Aftermath” is purely enchanting. What I loved most about this single was how unintentionally theatrical it was. It sounded so beautiful it felt as if this record belonged in a Disney film. I could most definitely see A Disney Princess singing this song and becoming a timeless single for all ages to enjoy and digest thoroughly. To be so young and skilled is a killer combination. Liv Hanna Is just getting started, and what’s in store for her will be as glamorous as “Aftermath”.

Listen to "Aftermath" here and get to know more about Liv Hanna below!

Thank you for joining us Liv Hanna! Mind telling us a bit about your background and upbringing?

I was born and raised in Garden City, New York. I am an only child. I have always been surrounded by music because of my family. My dad plays guitar, piano, and the drums and has made me more familiar with the genre of jazz. I went to a private school for kindergarten through 8th grade and currently attend Sacred Heart academy and am entering junior year. I have always loved music and have been singing and playing piano for many years. When I was younger I also participated in musical theater but then I discovered that I had a greater attraction to singing and songwriting. My recording studio, Loft Sound Studios, helps me record and film covers and music videos now for instagram and youtube. I am currently at the Berklee Five Week program and it has made me want to pursue music.

Who would you consider some of your musical influences or inspirations and why?

One of my musical influences is Billie Eilish because she was young when she first started her career and it inspires me to pursue a music career at my age. Although she is only seventeen, she has gone on many tours, released many songs, and has grown as an artist. I aspire to accomplish these things in the future.

“Aftermath” is a gorgeous song. What inspired you to write this?

Thank you!! By definition, “aftermath” is the aftereffects of a significant and unpleasant event. The message of the song is saying that after any hard time such as a breakup, or anything going on in ones life, you can’t go back but you must learn to move forward and grow from the event. 

What would you consider the major theme behind this single and why?

I believe a major theme present in “Aftermath” is acceptance. The message is to move forward, grow from experience and not go back.

What’s next for you Liv Hanna? How has summer been treating you?

As of now, Aftermath is available on google play and it should be on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes within the week. My two other songs out on my youtube channel, “Doll House, and “Advice to Yourself” will also be put on these platforms as well as the new songs I’m working on while I’m here at Berklee. My summer has been great because Berklee Five week has altered my perspective of people and expanded my knowledge about the world. Although we are from different places, I have met some of my best friends here because our love of music has brought us together. 


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