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Live a Lavish Life with Glokenzo and Bougie Papi's Latest Heater, "Dice Waooo"

Drenched in their unique sound Glokenzo and Bougie Papi return with the unforgettable dynamism they’re known for as they offer listeners another musical twist to their catalog with, “Dice Waooo.”

Both artists and first cousins are part of the music label Flowkyz Music and have been working together in the industry since 2020.

“Dice Waooo,” has Glokenzo and Bougie Papi channel their Latin roots by taking on the genre of Dembow as they fuse it together with a Hip-hop and Trap inspired ambiance. Enlisting Dominican Republic sensations El Bloonel, Mickey El Tsunami, and El Fother in order to buoyantly project the latest sonic and visual release, Glokenzo, and Bougie Papi traveled to their native land of the Dominican Republic to bring this creative installment to life.

A sizzling environment seamlessly pulses with integrity as the captivating hook “Dice Waooo,” surges through your speakers accompanied by eye-catching visuals that have you immersed in four-wheelers, money, and women.

Living out the party life to match the liveliness that leaps from this upbeat hit, each artist has their fair share of screen time as they flex an undeniable swagger in their lyrical dexterity and fashion choices. Rocking name brands, the whole crew is dressed to impress as they perform a bilingual composition that effortlessly embodies the signature trademarks of a certified hit while living out the luxurious lifestyle that success brings.

As the sun shines and radiantly beams down on the lush cars stationed at their beachside condo, Glokenzo and Bougie Papi reflect this lavish régime in a way that looks like it was meant to be. Collaborating with this heavy line-up and there is no doubt about it; this sound was made for their talents.

We love the artistic route that you took when bringing “Dice Waooo,” to life! What was the experience like when traveling to the Dominican Republic to record and film this piece? Please share what it was like on set! Glonkenzo: The experiences were great met a lot of people who followed my music down there spent time networking and enjoying the tropics

Bougie Papi: traveling to DR was an amazing experience to go back to where it all began and make music once again. I recorded my 1st song at the age of 15 by a producer name Dj Plano, who has gained fame in the “Dembow” genre. Be on set was such a delightful experience to work closely with other artists and reciprocate ideas amongst each other.

The various styles of artistry on this song coincide together in such a bold way! How did this collaboration of El Bloonel, Mickey El Tsunami, and El Fother come to be? What was it like working with one another? Glonkenzo: Chemistry was there we met up went to the studio did what we had to do by the next day video was rolling out and we had fun

Bougie Papi: When FKM originally thought about the song, we envisioned it to be very tropical and on the mainstream side. We reached out to Nativo Gang in order to get El Bloonel Onboard because of how well he dominates the genre. Later the opportunity to include El Fother arose and we did not hesitate to say yes based on his aggressive underground rhyme scheme but at the same time vibrant

Given the chance, would you go back in time to do anything differently when it came to bringing this piece of art to the public? Why?

Glonkenzo: No, the song was well elaborated, I wouldn’t change one lyric in it. How do you hold “Dice Waooo,” to other songs available in your music catalog? Glonkenzo: Definitely Top 2 the idea behind dice WAOO is to show the versatility me and Boujee can provide not that we just do 1 genre and sound the same showing people we can do anything anybody throws at us.

Bougie Papi: Dice WAOO may be the best-elaborated song thus far, best well put together. It has a concept of beginning and end. And all of the artists stayed within the topic presented which is “A guy who has all the money and swag but still can’t take a girl home” #WOW

What's next for you? Glonkenzo: Chrome heart is going to be one of my biggest songs just shot the video last week in Miami stay tuned for that

Bougie Papi: We feed off our energy so hence “Me & Kenzo like Freddy Vs Jason”. It’s like the best of both worlds. Both lyrical savages. Very drippy and very genuine with our work.



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