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Live The "Outlaw" Life, With Marc Oliver's New Single And Music Video

San Deigo's own dynamic recording artist and singer-songwriter Marc Oliver captures the essence of living the "Outlaw" life in his latest single and music video.

Always expect the unexpected when hitting play on Marc Oliver's tunes. He's known to blur the lines between alternative rock, pop, and r&b. He's been a force in the industry for the past 25 years, even dating Avril Lavigne at one point when sharing a studio with her.

Fast forward to today, Oliver has toured the world playing various festivals alongside names like John Legend, Jewel, and Pat Benetar. He showcases the pure talent that got him here in his latest single and music video, "Outlaw."

The single is a gripping alternative rock anthem with dashes of pop that help us understand the tough and rough-around-the-edges "Outlaw" life.

The song's music video is quite an engaging experience. The entire video is played in reverse, where we see our protagonist lying on the ground after a western stand-off. He then reverses into the saloon, where he was thrown out and pummeled after breaking bottles on heads and smashing a noose on the table.

As we move forward, err, backward, he ends up at a county jail and picks up two guns while stripping someone of their noose. The final scenes see the protagonist escaping a noose and saving someone else. After a flash bang, we're back to the start, where he rolls over, takes out the second gun he had all along, and closes the video with a literal bang.

Exceptional is the perfect word to describe this conceptual music video. From playing in reverse to the timeless western theme, we truly can't get enough. Find Marc Oliver's single "Outlaw" on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to Buzz Music, Marc Oliver. We're thrilled to feature such a conceptual and engaging song like "Outlaw." What inspired you to create this exciting track?

Thank you! I really wanted everyone to feel the walls move when the song come on. I want them to throw their hands up out of pure excitement and have a good time. I envision playing this song in a sold-out stadium, and if I was an Outlaw, I could tell them to get their hands up high. I had a lot of fun making this song.

What was your experience creating the wickedly dynamic and groovy instrumentals for "Outlaw"? What sort of atmosphere or feel did you want the song to deliver?

I felt like a break beat groove, with not much over it, would get people to move. I had so much fun putting this song together, I was so excited while writing it. I totally danced my way through making it. It took its own course as I wrote and become this town burring, Outlaw anthem that I think we feel like, sometimes.

What was it like creating the western-themed music video for "Outlaw"? Why did you want it to play in reverse?

The video shoot was so much fun. Getting done up like an 1800's western Outlaw was super cool. Definitely felt like what I was writing it for. Mitch Lamoureux, the writer and director had the "Play in reverse" in mind since the beginning of writing it. We thought it would be a cool idea to see the ending and figure out why and how it happened.

What was your favorite part about making the music video for "Outlaw"? What did you appreciate most about the experience?

My favorite part was the fight scene. I appreciated the entire experience. It came together so smoothly; such a great cast, production team, location, everything was surreal. It felt like making a movie.

What's next for you?

New music, Performing Live, more video releases. My goal is to host and play on Saturday Night Live and enjoy this amazing ride my life is on. Stay tuned on my social media platforms as I will be sharing more exciting news soon. Thanks for the support!

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