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Live With Your Secrets in Mashawi's, "Don't Tell"

Always one to stand out from the crowd and never interested in being labeled by society, Mashawi is a multifaceted artist, singer, fashion trailblazer, celebrity stylist, and performer who is no stranger to the music world.

Mashawi has always been surrounded by music, growing up in a family of musicians, where he was consistently performing in school concerts, talent shows, assemblies, auditioned for Canadian Idol, even for a short instance was in a boy band group. Now in 2021, he has plans to release plenty of new music and projects, urging his fan base to keep their eyes open for what’s next.

Dipping into his most recent single, “Don’t Tell,” Mashawi produces an environment of mystery that dwindles throughout the thought-provoking soundscape exuded. The manner in which Mashawi transitions between two types of deliveries that each ushers you into the depths of his creative mind is uncanny.

We have the spoken word direction that simmers in a clear and present message being cast to his audience, while the melodic timbres he releases when the chorus drops into full action have us immersed in the secretive lyrics he conveys. With lyrical motifs such as ‘keep calm carry on, word gets around what comes around goes around,’ you hear the pent-up frustrations that Mashawi generously offers in his songwriting techniques.

As the instrumentation pays homage to the buoyant and dark Pop of the ’80s, we sink into our seats as we hang onto the nostalgic meets modern wave essence bubbling from each distorted synth and rhythmic drum pattern. It’s truly brilliant how the lyrics fit the musicality of “Don’t Tell,” in a way that has you eager to learn more about the artist and individual that is Mashawi.

Colliding with prevailing vocals that hint towards ominous hues, the sonic voyage that we embark on is one for the books.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mashawi, and congratulations on your most recent single “Don’t Tell.” We love the mystery lurking in the essence of this record! Could you please take us into what inspired the meaning behind this song? Yes of course! And thank you for having me! Well, first of all, I wrote this song on the subway train on my way to work one morning. I just felt really inspired because I had a little situation and I wanted to write about it. Pretty much I told a co-worker that I was going to leave work early that day because it was my birthday and once I’m done I’m out. Then 10 minutes later my manager calls me and said where are you going, I heard you want to leave early today. I said yes, I have plans today because it’s my birthday. It was not a problem with my manager once I finish my work and everything, but the point is that this co-worker was jealous because they had a lot of work and didn’t want me to leave early, so they stitched on me. I was so shocked I really thought this co-worker wouldn’t say anything and I thought they would understand because it was my birthday. After that, I never told that co-worker anything again and I was done. You have to be careful who you tell secrets to because it may get back to you again. So, if I tell you a secret keep it between us. In terms of emotions stirred, what are you hoping listeners feel when listening to this song?

It’s open to your own interpretation of how you feel about it. But I wrote it from a place of being let down, upset, and disappointed like you can’t trust anyone. You could also feel strong, confident, brave, and invincible because you're going to keep going no matter what they say. I know people can relate because everyone has had at least one experience where they told someone something and you heard it again from someone else or you’ve been confronted about it. Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process that brought “Don’t Tell” to life? Was there anyone helping you to achieve the desired sound of this vision? Yes! Okay first I had an experience at work, and it made me feel uncomfortable and betrayed, so I needed to write it out and put it into a song. I got inspired on the train one morning on my way to work with a melody already ready to go. Then a couple of days later I called up one of my Producer friends Brock Fricker who is incredible, and we got together and made the whole beat, vocals, mixing, and mastering. I’m in the studio for the whole process from beginning to end. I’m also learning a lot about the process and that’s really key for any artist to take it all in. I wanted to put some cool electric guitars and other interesting instruments to make my unique sound. It’s always fun exploring different sounds and beats, but at times it can be daunting because it can be endless. We finished this song in about 3 sessions, so every Saturday for 3 weeks and you always want to change something in the song, but at some point, you have to call it quits and move on. What does “Don’t Tell,” say about you as an artist, and what’s to come from you? I feel like “Don’t Tell” is just the beginning of what I have coming up and it’s just a tiny piece of me. Also, this song shows what’s important to me such as secrecy, no stitching, loyalty, trustworthiness, honesty, and minding your own business. There is also some mystery in the song throughout the different parts, who doesn’t like a bit of mystery. We all are a little bit mysterious. I like to bring some fun and a lot of movement in most of my songs because if you're not having fun then what is the point. You can expect more music and projects real soon.

What's next for you? Well, I’m always working on new projects and keeping myself creatively busy. Throughout this year I will be dropping some singles and hopefully an album. You can expect some music videos, some performances once everything gets better, some magazine editorials, fashion projects, and interviews. I don’t want to say too much, but honestly, the sky is not the limit for me I’m shooting past the moon and then some.

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