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Live Your Best Life With Kanda’s New Single, “Kiss”

Coventry rapper, songwriter, and recording artist Kanda want us to shake all stress and live our best lives with his new and exciting single, "Kiss."

Kanda has made his way through the music industry with success on his shoulders. One of his songs was featured as Track of The Week on Radio 1Xtra, and he's also showcased his energetic stylings at the Mobo Awards Press Launch. Having been featured on BBC Intro, 6 Music, and more, there's no saying what Kanda will do next.

When listening to Kanda's tunes, energy and passion are a given, and "Kiss" is no exception. The new track is an upbeat and dancey anthem that lets you focus on living your best life without a care in the world. There's a sense of urgency in this track that lets the listener escape into their own passionate and gripping world.

Hitting play on "Kiss," we're met with bright acoustic guitar strums and Kanda's sonically delicious vocals. He quickly jumps into a fiery rap to ramp up the energy. While playfully expanding on getting to know someone and not caring about the past, he invites them to smooch like there's no tomorrow.

The passion is at a high in this track, and the exciting feel is equally intoxicating. We love how Kanda drifts back and forth from intense bars to melodic vocals, adding intriguing layers that let us understand his complex creative abilities. This song is sure to leave listeners in need of some human touch and TLC, but maybe without the tenderness.

Fuel your inner fire with a lively banger like Kanda's "Kiss," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kanda. We're dancing away to the groove and energy of your new single, "Kiss." What inspired you to create this playful and upbeat song?

Yo-yo!!!! Hope you're well and thank you for having me, I appreciate the love for my new single 'KISS'. The inspiration behind it is the time of year that we are in at the moment, as you will know, summer is well and truly approaching and I really wanted to make an upbeat song to compliment the heat that we will all be feeling now and in the next few months.

What was your songwriting process like for "Kiss?" What scenes did you want to paint in the listener's mind with your words?

I loved writing 'KISS' it was just so fun coming up with playful and cheeky lines within the verses. The general concept of the song revolves around the idea that sometimes it is better to be flirty and have fun rather than being stressed and committed, especially at such a young age when we have our whole lives ahead of us. This song just speaks to me personally, reminding me just how significant life can be through being experimental and allowing yourself to be free.

How do the instrumentals in "Kiss" enhance the song's overall vibe? Who helped you create such a warm and energetic instrumental atmosphere?

The instrumental behind the song is such a vibe to listen to both casually and when you just want to bust a move! I have never really made a song like this before, I believe the closest comparison I can make throughout my catalog is my previous single 'Toxicity', but I definitely think the instrumental brings this song to a whole new level. The catchy guitar riff will have you dancing the night away I can most certainly guarantee that!

What do you hope this song does for listeners? How do you want your audience to react to "Kiss?"

This song brings a general feel-good vibe where I expect people to be dining to this for sure. I actually sent previous demos of the song to some of my friends and they were playing them non-stop which is hopefully a good sign! The song is all about enjoyment, although it's called 'KISS', there are endless ways to experience enjoyment, and I hope listening to my new song will provide another.

The single has a really cool fun video out the same today too, can you tell us about it?

The video was so fun but quite weird to record. I wanted to capture a fresh and original image of a 'Mr. Steal-yo-girl' type of scenario, but instead of another man, it's a cute-looking bear. I have to give credit to the dancer who was in the bear costume, not quite sure how he managed to pull off all of those moves in that costume, but it was so much fun to record and it just makes me excited for future music videos and unique ideas for them.

What's next for you?

I have an EP waiting to be released following this single, I won't say too much on it right now, but what I can say is you're definitely not going to want to miss out on listening to it. Every song is different from the previous one within the song list and you will be able to see more news on the release of my EP within the sunny months of June and July. The only other thing left to say is thank you for having me and, as always, watch this space, my people!!!


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