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Live Your "Crazy Beautiful Life," with Help from FRIEDRIICH's New Single

The Barcelona-born pop artist and singer-songwriter FRIEDRIICH releases an empowering LGBTQ+ anthem with his latest single, "Crazy Beautiful Life."

Using music as his own therapy, FRIEDRIICH's sound enhances pop culture's celebration of rights, sexuality, and the gender spectrum each of us embodies. Inspired by acts like Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, MARINA, and Halsey, FRIEDRIICH's music can be used as a coping mechanism for anyone struggling with their inner demons.

Fuelling our speakers with boundless grooves through his latest single, "Crazy Beautiful Life," FRIEDRIICH and his scorching hot sonics bless us with an anthemic sound that reminds us to celebrate pride all year long. With powerful synths and an even more powerful message, FRIEDRIICH's single is bound to leave you feeling inspired and a part of something bigger.

Jumping into "Crazy Beautiful Life," the song energetically opens with crashing pop drum breaks, exhilarating synth arrangements, and upbeat electronic keyboard melodies. As FRIEDRIICH makes his low and alluring vocal appearance, he instantly gets us off our feet with his inspirational lyricism that encourages us to embrace every inch of our being and shines in the light we were meant to be in.

As we continue jamming our way through the single, we can't help but hear sonic similarities to artists like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, who trailblazed their way through the electro-pop scene to leave listeners feeling nothing but inspired. As the hefty beat leads us to the song's end, FRIEDRIICH makes the experience incredibly uplifting and motivational, especially as he serenades us with words like, "This is your moment to shine into the colors of this world."

Allow FRIEDRIICH to be your beacon of inspiration through his latest single, "Crazy Beautiful Life," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMuisc FRIEDRIICH. We must start by saying thank you for releasing such an inspirational and uplifting song like "Crazy Beautiful Life." What inspired you to create a song that encourages listeners to live their lives unapologetically?

Thanks to you for listening to it and giving me the platform! My life has been a roller-coaster since I come out as a queer person but in a crazy beautiful way. I was literally creating a normative character to face reality until that moment. Sometimes, even if we feel fearless, we still create it and we don’t want to continue with this lifestyle anymore. In addition to this, we have our inner circles, parties, gatherings, and trusted places to go, but we cannot be confirmed with that, we have to fully live our life everywhere. When I was writing "Crazy Beautiful Life" I wanted people to feel empowered and uplifted and create a collective thought that we deserve it all.

How did you create the production and sonics for "Crazy Beautiful Life" to be so energetic and anthemic? How did Lady Gaga and Ke$ha's music influence you during this process?

We had the original chill melody of the first producer, but we sat down with the post-producer and a friend of mine, who is a pianist, and we changed it up. First, I sent them some ideas, then we reinvented the song and we finally made it anthemic. They know what the lyrics represent to me and we came up with something very exciting that could not make it to the EP, but it did. Talking about Gaga, no one can re-do Bad Romance or make a better version, but the energy that song holds is present in my song. Same with Ke$ha’s lyrics of We R Who We R “You know we're superstars, we are who we are”/”Tonight we're going hard. Just like the world is ours”, the message that resonates with the song is something we wanted to achieve with “Crazy Beautiful Life”.

Do you usually create music that uplifts the listener, similar to "Crazy Beautiful Life?" Do you always want to leave the listener feeling inspired?

I usually create music that uplifts the listener, most of my songs are mid-tempo or up-tempo, but I love ballads too. My first mid-tempo song “Live and Forget” is the most similar to this one, but it was a country-pop tune and CBL is dance-pop. I also have “Don’t Blame Me” which is a pop ballad about emotional walls and challenging relationships which is one of my favorites songs I ever made. Yes, I want to leave the listener feeling inspired, all my songs are moved by feelings, every one of them is one personification. In the case of “Crazy Beautiful Life” is the feeling of pride.

Is there anything you'd like to share with listeners regarding your overall brand and what you aim to represent as an LGBTQ+ artist?

Yes!!! Of course. I want to say that we are a very united community and after every catastrophe, we get stronger. If anybody is reading this and he/she/they are struggling with life, family, or mental health, you can come to me and I will try to help you. I want to make music, but I want to use my platform for the LGBT+ community and make a better environment for us. This song is focused on that, but every song I wrote is an experience from myself within our community.

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