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Live Your Life on Your Own Terms With Luke White's Friendly Reminder

Luke White is a singer-songwriter whose guitar-based music and heartfelt words mirror his influences of John Mayer, Dermot Kennedy, Ben Howard, Damien Rice, and James Blunt.

Luke White started out as a blues and rock guitarist and transferred over to the songwriting world at the age of 16. Luke White has been writing and releasing music since 2018 and has gigged all over the UK. During the pandemic he has taken time to write new material and take it to the recording studio, so he can share his inner creations with his audience worldwide.

Tapping into the interior emotions and messaging of his most recent single, “Doesn’t Matter What They Say,” Luke White conveys his carefully crafted words in a way that comes across as authentic storytelling.

Delving into personal experiences of his own, you hear the passion seep into the composition as he exercises his striking vocal range for maximum impact. Luke White’s honest and profound croons give you a certain right at home feeling. You can’t help but to hear the utmost care drip into what he says, like the way he performs makes it seem like he is speaking to you directly.

An emotive soundscape of powerful drum hits, melodic piano chords, and heartfelt guitar riffs allows us to appreciate the surging stream of Luke White’s wistful timbres taking over. With a more delicate approach to the verses, we hear all come to fruition as we reach the chorus and an explosion of passion repeats the song’s title and lyrical motif, ‘doesn’t matter what they say,’ with an impeccable vocal run driving home the harmonious balance he effortlessly portrays.

This song teaches us to let go, and live a life worth living on our own terms as we navigate the avenues of life’s intended design specifically to us. As we keep that in mind, we appreciate the melodic reminder coming from Luke White’s earnest themes.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Luke White, and congratulations on the release of “Doesn’t Matter What They Say.” This song hits home for many people in such a relatable way. Was there a particular moment or story that encouraged you to let this unfold in a song?

Yes for sure! I had a phone call with a mate of mine a while ago where she said how she was lacking in body confidence because of seeing pictures of girls online with "perfect" bodies and "perfect" lifestyles, and how she was having silly arguments with some people online and some of the things said were so transparent and horrid! I went on to tell her not to care about that stuff as we all show our perfect side on social media and we don't normally see the "shit" parts of life. Also to just be yourself and to not get down about what others say to you online. I felt writing a song about a real-life experience to do with mental health and how social media can affect it made for a raw and compelling song that will hopefully relate to others and hopefully help others adopt a mindset of not caring too much about what they see online and therefore living in the real world a bit more. Overall it's a positive message saying it "doesn't matter what they say" and "keep your head up"!

In your own words, what does this song mean to you as the artist? What are you hoping your audience takes away from it?

I am so proud of this song from the production to the lyrical meaning. I hope that my audience takes away the message of "just do you" and not take social media and what we see online too seriously. The real world is a much more honest and most of the time a kinder place. I remember seeing a James Blunt interview where he said "opinions are like assholes, we all have one"! It made me laugh but it's so true and we tend to voice these opinions online with no filter and sometimes forget about how it could be offensive or rude to others. Also, so many people post on social media for a temporary high in life so they can get likes and comments and 99% of the time is a picture or video of them winning something, having fun, or out with friends. Social media is a poster boy version of our lives and doesn't show even half of what really goes on in one's life.

At what point do you know a song is ready for its release? With every artist having their own creative process, is a song ever truly finished to you?

I know when a song is ready to release once you're trying to add too much to the track and overdoing it. Also, you have to let it go at some point and the song on the recording won't be exactly the same as when you play it live or if you recorded it again. Songs are things that are always evolving and can be played in different forms! That's why music is so cool! My process can alter from starting with guitar or starting with a lyrical story idea. In this case, it was definitely lyrics first and it was very easy to write because it was essentially like writing out the conversation I had with my friend but just put it in song form.

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your music career thus far?

I guess there's loads of advice I've had so far! One piece is that perseverance is key and there will be some really bad days but also some really big highs and rewards for sticking with it and honing your craft. Also, Haydn Bendall, Abbey Road Studios inspired me when I met him as we talked about sessions he had with artists like Van Morrison where Van would record a song in one take and refuse to record it again because it will be different when he played it live. He saw it as a spiritual thing that moved with him and it changed its form in different times of life/settings and I found that awesome. He also talked to me about collaboration and networking and the importance of it which I couldn't agree with more.


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