Livendure Releases Smashing New Track "Chariot"!

From Holland to now residing in Reno, Nevada - today we are graced with the healing power of Livendure and his new single “Chariot”. The dreamy new single, “Chariot” is a beautiful experience from top to bottom. The song opens up with a mood-setting synth that sets your ears for what is coming. Next, we are introduced to lo-fi drumming and vocals, which is a nice touch for where the song starts from.

The vocal performance is reminiscent of artists such as The Chain Gang of 1974 meets some of the more experimental songs from The 1975 (not to be confused, two separate artists). By the midway point of the song, the interest is held up by incredible vocal takes that absolutely provide a feeling that is hard to describe in words. It is hard to make out specific lyrics, as the entire point of the song is to remain lo-fi. However, I’m sure there are many intelligent lines and the song overall is still a complete display of artistry. The song finished around the 3:40 mark and by then, you are a fan of what Livendure has to offer! Make sure you stay up to date with Livendure for more music and live shows coming soon!

Give a listen to Livendure here.

Jonjosef, you are the sole member of Livendure and you have graced us with your new amazing song, Chariot! Can you give listeners an idea of what “Chariot” is about lyrically?  It’s about being in a dark place mentally/spiritually, and feeling like you’re becoming the kind of person you hate. You can see how you’re acting out of fear, insecurity, and hurt, making decisions that don’t align with your values, and that takes a toll on your spirit and self-worth. But you also dream and hope for better days, because you know deep down you have it in you to be a better person, and live as a person of light instead of dark. 

In your bio, you mention that you started out with producing by using Garage Band. What production interface did you use to produce “Chariot”? I used Logic Express 9, which is a version of the Logic software that isn’t even available anymore haha. I bought it in 2009 and it’s been outdated for years, but I squeezed every bit of juice out of it that I could. I’ve since upgraded to the latest version, Logic Pro X. But Chariot, as well as my whole album ‘Gray’ were produced using the Express 9 version. 

You mention having influence from Punk music. Do you think that any Punk influences came out in “Chariot”?  Absolutely. I think my punk influences come out in everything I write. Not so much the sound of the genre, but the philosophy behind a punk rock. My whole music process is DIY from beginning to end, which is a very punk rock notion. I recorded all my vocals in my car, using Apple earbuds as my microphone. I mixed and mastered everything myself. And even tho I aspire to master my craft, sometimes I intentionally leave in mess-ups, and tend to create in a way that’s in spite of popular music trends. 

What are your goals as an artist and what is your biggest accomplishment so far? I’d say my biggest accomplishment so far is completing and releasing my first full-length album 100% DIY, with promotions, music videos, merchandise, the works. Although DIY doesn’t mean I did it all myself, I definitely had some help from my girlfriend and other friends, especially with the music videos/graphics/photos. 

And my goals are, 1) to create a sustainable workflow for myself because I plan on making music for the rest of my life because I love doing it. And 2) make enough money off of my music that one day I can at least pay for 1 month’s rent haha. 

Lastly, when can listeners expect more music and live shows from you?

As far as shows, I won’t be playing for a while. I have a lot of work to do before I’m show ready. But for new music, very soon. I’m working on my second album and some singles now, so early 2020. I’ve also just released some new instrumental songs under my given name, Jonjosef Holland. So anyone can feel free to check those out at or on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.