Livendure Updates BuzzMusic On Recent Release!

Hey Livendure! Amazing to have you on BuzzMusic! How has it been with you and your music thus far?

It's been pretty good. This is my debut album, and I did the whole thing myself, 100% DIY, from writing up to mixing/mastering. So it's had its ups and downs, and been a learning experience for sure. 

Your latest track "Evergreen" is heavy-hitting, aggressive, yet atmospheric! This has to be our favorite track off of your album "Gray". What kind of ambiance were you hoping to project onto listeners from this track in particular?

I was going for a dark, sort of psychedelic space, but also intense and maybe a little angry haha. The lyrics are pretty existential in nature, so I wanted to portray that somehow.  

As a punk metal artist, what kind of obstacles do you face with your musical production?

Well, since I come from the punk/metal DIY background, recordings I've done for my bands in the past have been pretty grungy. Which works well for punk/metal music, but not so much for the stuff I'm doing now. So clarity and cleanliness in my recordings has been my biggest challenge lately. 

Your resume really goes back far with the music industry! You've been involved in an incredible amount of music projects. How do you think your past experience has shaped you and the way your music is curated today?!

Yeah I started my first band in 2003, when I was 13, and ever since then I've been in bands of various genres and doing solo projects on the side. So I've picked up tools and tricks from each different genre that I try to incorporate into what I'm doing now. The biggest thing I strive for is being flexible, and not limited to one particular genre. As a musician I want to give myself as many opportunities as possible, so I try to incorporate my favorite parts of my favorite genres into what I'm doing to hopefully achieve a sound that is particularly me, yet versatile. 

Now that "Gray" has been released, what's coming up for you now?

Well I'm still in the process of releasing bonus material for my album 'Gray', such as music/lyric videos, alternate mixes, instrumental mixes, etc. Also, I have a handful of songs already in the works for my second album, which I hope to release early 2020. And lastly I'm working on a collection of instrumental beats, and will be releasing them under my real name, Jonjosef Holland.

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