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Livi Dillon Vocalizes Love's Bittersweet Taste With, "Daydream"

Los Angeles-based Alt-Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Livi Dillon, reminisce on past learning experiences with her sincere single, "Daydream."

Putting her own spin on modern-day Pop music, Livi Dillon blurs the lines between various genres with lively drum patterns, poppy synths, and unique vocal stylings. With vast industry experience, her latest hit "Daydream" tells a story of Livi Dillon's journey from beginning to present-day. She sings a tale of reminiscing on past love and states that even though the relationship's toxicity impacted her, Dillon explains that love was present until the very end. 

"Daydream" softly opens with orchestral piano melodies and Livi's effortless and captivating vocal performance. Livi brings this syncopated rhythm that gives this dynamic back and forth between Livi and the supporting cinematic instrumentals. Livi Dillon's lyricism hits us straight in the heart as she continues to describe a past relationship she's experienced where she was utterly mesmerized by someone's "love." 

Around the hook, a serene string section enters the track and brings incredible depth, perfectly complementing Dillon's saddened lyricism. She brings this Taylor Swift flair through her passionate and forceful delivery, emphasizing phrases that will stick around the listener's mind. 

"Daydream" takes listeners through an unhealthy experience, all to come out strong in the end with help from Livi Dillon's sound message that reminds listeners of the way they deserve to be treated. 

We can't help but easily relate to the unfortunate storyline you told on "Daydream." What conjured up these emotions for you to write a song about a toxic past love?

When I wrote this song, I was looking back on a relationship and finally, for the first time, accepting just how bad it was.  Writing songs has always been a sort of therapy for me, so I wrote Daydream to get my feelings about it out and be able to move on from the relationship.  I've found that once I write songs that capture all my emotions about whatever is happening in my life, I'm able to move forward and not get stuck in the past.  

Through your heavy lyrical content within "Daydream," what do you hope listeners take away from the piece? What message did you want to shine a light on within this song?

For me, this song is about desperately wanting a relationship to be perfect and beautiful despite how toxic it really is and wanting everyone else to believe it’s perfect too.  It’s also about being young and not understanding that love isn’t supposed to hurt.  I think this song and this relationship were a lesson to me that staying in a toxic relationship because you want to cling to the abstract idea of love isn’t healthy for anyone involved.  

The supporting instrumentals within "Daydream" are highly cinematic and orchestral. What influenced you to take this deeply organic and natural route concerning the instrumentals?

This is definitely a very different vibe from my usual alt-pop but I just think it’s so raw in a sense and really captures the intense emotions of this song.  I also wanted to challenge myself as a producer and writer, I’ve never produced something like this before so it was a really fun learning experience and something I’ve always wanted to try.  

What role does "Daydream" play in your EP 'For The Sake Of Honesty?' What does the track bring to the EP's concept?

Daydream is the second song on the EP and it’s also the second song I wrote for it, way back when I was only 18.  This whole EP is full of raw, emotional songs that were written about moments in my life that felt like the end of the world and Daydream was one of those moments. 

Could you tell us about your latest EP 'For The Sake Of Honesty?' Does the EP give a glimpse of who you are to new listeners?

While this EP is a very different sound for me, I think it captures a lot of who I am and what my life has been for the past five years.  I put the songs in chronological order of when they were written, Touched was written when I was 17 and Honey & Gold just this past July, so it really tells a story about all these different situations that felt like pivotal moments in my life.  Touched and Daydream are both about relationships that were my entire world at the time, Lately is about hitting an extremely low point with my mental health but realizing that it isn’t permanent and it will always pass, and Honey & Gold is about losing people you thought of as family and regretting the way the fight played out.  All of these songs are about fairly negative situations and yet I got through all of them and I think there’s something beautiful about that captured in this EP.






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